stardate 73970.6 it has stormed every night for the past week & i lie awake listening & wondering if i will hear thunder every night for the rest of my life My Mind Will Never Be Easy, slip jig, bminor. It took me this long to realize that being a mirror in a world of things that love to be reflected is an uncomfortable place to exist. Not separation anxiety, re-uniting anxiety. I am shaped by the eyes around me. I'd forgotten how stifling being held into another shape was.

Things that Say Good Morning

  • Good morning from my camp chair, my mug, and the algae on my porch railing
  • Good morning from my patio table, my coffee, and Joni Mitchell's Ladies of the Canyon
  • Good morning from my citronella candleπŸ•―οΈ, the rain 🌧️, and my post-coffee cup of tea
  • Good morning from the sbux parking lot, with a side of rain
  • Good morning from the rustling leaves, the dying ivy, and the bittersweet I didn't pull out this summer
  • Good morning from my kindle and the infrequently seen side of the house
  • Good morning FROM THE MOON
  • Good too-early morning from my nalgene, the flaking paint on my porch, and the tree "on fire" in my neighbors' yard 🌞
  • Good morning from the stripes of sunlight laying across my yard; from coffee made with extra love; and from "How to Do Nothing: Resisting the Attention Economy" by Jenny Odell's call to real action and community work
  • Good morning from the yellow leaves, another perspective of the yard, and the overcast sky that hasn't started to rain yet 🌧️
  • Good morning from the emptying trees, the glorious cedar, and the low but insistent rain