9/22 romantic and cinematic dreamy in 1981 1977 1993 falling japanese glamour, helter skelter taipei nightclub cameras in my face curious fluttering wonndering bout u bushwick flip phone boy feels like 2003 live in 2001 brooklyn noise scene live in holland again .ketamine love sex dreams liquid sky + a week in denver w my angel ill find perfection in abrasion harsh noise in surrender tender and scared ,wandering nowhere safe in the rough cuts the strobe lights chaos xgirl in the fog hurt me harder so ill want it deeper ill hurt u harder so youll love me sweeter separate and coexist and come together and fall apart run awayto your hollow dream and false beliefs i love it all i want it all channel brokenpoetic and pretty feeling like my heroines 9=17 1139pm idk if ill ever not laugh at the fact that my ex was so concerned that i'd look for his replacement when i communicated my interest in not being monogamous ... and then when i broke up with him he found an asian girlfriend to replace me within what, days? weeks? lmaooooo 9-16 414pm sleep deprived but happy, somewhat cute+centered and healthy mental state == me at my most extroverted seeking people and experiences and growth and pasta and cereal and tofu and plants to make dye from 9-16 323am my crush has become a lover a friend a fan and a collaborator so fun :) 9-15-908pm thinkin bout self-censorship and how people censor themselves even before they've said or written or made anything... and that's what a creative block is becoming more cute and centered now :) after writing it last week and then rejecting it and then setting things in motion and embracing it again my aura is good my aura is strong my aura is radiant my energies.: im happy im the best humble thoughtful: yall just dont know it yet bc i have so much to realize and figure how to show tomboy mode: im powerful gna stomp on u bitchzz sk8 hard rave hard ill crush it all just watch andddddd my crush just messaged me :) so. proof that my aura is good and strong and 9-15noon i think my profs are on this website LOL hi :) school makes me so happy , the way it's going it's so perfect for who i am and where we are right now everything in my life is so perfect and i'm not lying somehow i convinced myself my life sucked... why we do that to ourselves so much?? im sober 2 days and i'm happy ,perfect, wonderful ill see u in a week maybe 2 :) and ill be everything i wanna be 9-14 -824am the people whose love feels false, like a performance, a pastiche of what they think love is. a fantasy, an embodied fiction, a dream that won't wake up for reality. disinterest in expansion of truth interest in preservation of the narrative 9-14.554am kiss my super bowl ring act out all my desires people come and then they go better if they never know kiss me cuz its just a feeling i dont even like hearing the next song come on on such a loop looping w my self everything is romance everything is about love better to find it in myself first.. always.... im always disappointed people dont know how broken they are they couldnt tell you saw on his page "Sometimes i thinkin that i love youu but i know its only luuust" Yes in the reply box idk why its so cute to me 9-13.1032pm act out all my desires my crush is coming over act out all my desires or else i suffer... find a reason to love what you need or find a love to replace reason and need ? what do i saying find a love to give you a reason is what i meant to say. ai yi yi my brain post hanging out w c on a lot of weed being loopy together and not giving a fuck. if you can't find happiness in the studio you wont find happiness in the exhibition. happiness comes from drugs not galleries. 9-13 what a fun day yday instagram and new york and well just everything reminds me that performance why even post on instagram? reminds me that people are multidimensional and profiles are 2d 3d maaaybe 4d. . what are you saying/meaning/needing/wanting all comes down to intention. honesty - criticality - truth seeking - self knowledge and how you show it. presentation, curation, performance, mystery and intrigue

ideal friendship / what love means to me

  • mutual understanding of the same truths
  • communication with plain honesty
  • gentle detachment and compassion
  • careful consideration of the other's position
  • utmost respect for the other's wishes
  • absence of insecurity with each other
  • desire for growth -together and apart, together or apart -always
  • not talking to each other
  • because we require our own space
  • to map our own trajectories and growth
  • appreciation and admiration of each other's beauty, inner/outer
  • appreciate everyone like distant stars

cute things

  • mint green silk pillowcase
  • bubbly friends
  • taro mochi
  • flowershops
  • bags that look like animals
  • cloudwatching
  • art together

feral nrg 2003 001 h

  • growl
  • cheeeeee
  • droid
  • ufo
  • holow
  • noize
  • holland
  • again
  • mirror
  • crush