256am im jealous of a quiet life i fall too easy into chaos it is too appealing, it is too comfortable it is peer pressure, and i no longer like the crowd julk 27 239am how long have you been living thiS way are you actually really ok everyone i know who leaves why are you so scared to leave id like to see who you could actually be jul 24 432p vibes r off and ppl catching sick again they replaced the nu jazz lineup with murderpact who is "fucking sick" haha new follower on my art account. went to jazz school to play noise haha when will n txt me back haha haha hey homie haha ok collectively forget -- my art my soul my poetry my whole insivible alignments // movng on from that 4 now coming back to the rave scene heavy but different and healthyer coming back to everything i swear off but better i know what i like more anything bad is overall fine in moderation // spirit pours thru in an art or the way im just here people could be there but not really how people could physically be present but not really whole ^^ur known as deep as urself wonder why i self center meant to type self censor but i love to catch slips* self center to make me better make me better in a way that makes others better too intention stems from spirit but identity splits dissolute olve dissolve solved nine plus one twenty one _______ sun jul 11 439am i care about sustainability and integrity not the cheap laughs off ur mental illness page keepinh up wti teh culture etc sustainability, integrity, longevity ha ha ha

reminders to my self

  • it doesnt matter what i want or say
  • it only matters what i do
  • just pick the direction
  • and behave
  • visualize it so you believe
  • then you just have to start somewhere
  • follow the steps
  • connect the dots
  • and stay in motion
  • at the same speed, 333
  • on the process to becoming
  • =

reminders to myself

  • self confidence comes from making and keeping promises to yourself
  • life is runescape

ideal friendship / what love means to me

  • mutual understanding of the same truths
  • communication with plain honesty
  • gentle detachment and compassion
  • careful consideration of the other's position
  • utmost respect for the other's wishes
  • absence of insecurity with each other
  • desire for growth -together and apart, together or apart -always
  • not talking to each other
  • because we require our own space
  • to map our own trajectories and growth
  • appreciation and admiration of each other's beauty, inner/outer
  • appreciate everyone like distant stars

cute things

  • mint green silk pillowcase
  • bubbly friends
  • taro mochi
  • flowershops
  • bags that look like animals
  • cloudwatching
  • art together

feral nrg 2003 001 h

  • growl
  • cheeeeee
  • droid
  • ufo
  • holow
  • noize
  • holland
  • again
  • mirror
  • crush