# reagents that smell like food tert-butyldimethylsilyl chloride (TBDMS-Cl): beets the contaminated TBDMS-Cl in our fridge: feta cheese benzaldehyde: marzipan 4-anisaldehyde: almonds, canned cherries some ylide i've used: REALLY fucking intense butterscotch my target molecule: rum and caramel -- candied apple? # solvent smell log (please don't huff solvents) ethanol: warm, familiar, soft, amazing 3/3 ethyl acetate: smells like canned corn 3/3 hexane: like gasoline but cleaner 2/3 acetone: not very pleasant but not bad either 2/3 toluene: the inside of a tire store 1/3 isopropyl alcohol: hospital smell 1/3 methanol: it's like ethanol but bad :( 1/3 diethyl ether: sleepy uwu 1/3 dichloromethane: very chemical, an empty sweetness 1/3 dimethylformamide: fishy 0/3 triethylamine: pungent caustic urine-fish odor 0/3