hello ! let’s be friends ! i miss u ! please send me mail ! __,._ / _ \ | 6 \ \ oo \___/ .|__|| _,..="^ . , " , \ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ ____ ____ ____ ;.__________________/ "the lost glove is happy" notes / log (i try to be self aware abt oversharing but also i love2 share): 09.28 today should be okay, yesterday had a super late admission but it was okay bc the nurse working with me was really helpful nervous to be on my own! i have the next four days off, hopefully i find something fun to do ! my friend's going to cut my undercut on friday, maybe that will make the other nurses stop thinking i'm a nerd lol excited to do things soon, excited to see hunter today want to try to make more art that embraces my ocd brain the way it goes over and over again , the song linked further down by heroin party sometimes makes me circle, in dark moments i think to myself if i cleaned everything would you come back if i cleaned everything would you come back if i cleaned everything would you come back 09.27 last night pulled overtime again , and when i got home remembered i forgot to do something ! sad but the nurses i work with are super sweet / i like them a lot and they r kind to me also they love to gossip which is great bc i get to know whats going on around me very good ! thank you <3 today hopefully will be more quiet 09.25 aha today is nine to five very cool im participating in a zine where i make something in 20 minutes wish me luck <3 i had some malabi with pomegranate seeds today and it was wonderful, 10/10 would recommend today my roommate told me his israeli friend told him to get some little clear cups for coffee and he noticed i'd been using them been thinking about how when he came over he said we bought all the same groceries, and it made me so happy im really far removed from my culture, but there's little things that stick around, and i'm happy for that.

words 4u

  • no one to call
  • infant problems grown
  • large armies of ants help their colonies float
  • my life a leaf
  • alone
  • alone
  • to propagate
  • it needs
  • a home

a list of songs updated 09/28

  • (porches - headsgiving)
  • (heroin party - if i cleaned everything would you come back)
  • (pay for pain - until i walk through the flames)
  • (derek ted - cascade spilling)
  • (mitski - come into the water)
  • (alex g - gretel)
  • listen have a little mercy on me
  • i feel pretty down at times

best dinners yet

  • lemon popsicle
  • carrot
  • cucumber
  • (it's a million degrees at my house)

thoughts atm

  • last thing i baked
  • potato mushroom spinach burekas
  • //
  • more thoughts :
  • ☆ hunter is cool ! ☆
  • //
  • even more thoughts :
  • like a scapegoat
  • i will hold the things you want to forget
  • //
  • date of last cry:
  • 09/25

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