hello ! let’s be friends ! i miss u ! please send me mail ! __,._ / _ \ lovelag@protonmail.com | 6 \ \ oo \___/ .|__|| _,..="^ . , " , \ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ ____ ____ ____ ;.__________________/ "the lost glove is happy" notes / log (i try to be self aware abt oversharing but also i love2 share): 06.10 asenapine is evil i couldnt get out of bed today and had to call in sick after i woke up at 2 feeling hung over i made couscous and veggies i walked and got ice cream i am drinking some tea tomorrow will be better 06.09 oasis documentary know what i mean im countin the hours 06.08 mannnnnn i keep forgetting to update fish but i dont want this to die i met a guy who loves bob dylan another person who listens to american pleasure club i drove to la i drove to the airport i shared a bite i got new meds i hope it all works out 06.02 wahoo is my new word im making lots of scones; last batch is cardamom almond fig 06.01 if i lived alone i think i would explode i keep making plans to distract myself when i can go do things i have head empty it's like im trying to tire myself out i take long walks, i spend as much time as i can outside the house it's not enough! 05.27 nothing is wrong with me this is part of a normal process sometimes pain is reassuring i'm going to bake bread and then i'll post about it or something

words 4u

  • a tightly clenched fist
  • longing for a feeling long past
  • the jaw feels wired shut
  • coming to terms with needing
  • wanting to want nothing and be satiated

a list of songs updated 03/31

  • https://youtu.be/SS803PA4zGQ (bladee - sleepwalk to the jeweler)
  • https://youtu.be/KNYW276VxPQ (virginia astley - from gardens where we feel secure)
  • https://youtu.be/HTC1KiBLPBU (lucki - prada tune)
  • https://youtu.be/eJXEi5g7-3k (the microphones - my roots are strong and deep)
  • https://youtu.be/HMYyn7wEfKQ (faye webster - right side of my neck)
  • https://youtu.be/ZzBpaZGVFlU (milly - milly)
  • https://youtu.be/Dj77u3n0w5U (slow pulp - trade it)


  • coffee (cold brew)
  • coffee (pour over)
  • coffee (instant)
  • black tea
  • pedialyte
  • borjomi
  • nectar
  • broth
  • topo

thoughts atm

  • what i have been baking :
  • focaccia, sourdough bread, garlic herb rolls, muffins, scones
  • //
  • more thoughts :
  • a sore body, still begging to hold
  • //
  • date of last cry :
  • 03/03
  • //
  • even more thoughts :
  • a very very long stairway leads to a star

find me online

  • http://zineclub.club
  • https://www.are.na/ga-sh
  • https://bit.ly/2VHWI95

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