hello ! let’s be friends ! i miss u ! please send me mail ! __,._ / _ \ [email protected] | 6 \ \ oo \___/ .|__|| _,..="^ . , " , \ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ ____ ____ ____ ;.__________________/ "the lost glove is happy" notes / log (i try to be self aware abt oversharing but also i love2 share): 7.3 got really sad yesterday for no reason, that was kind of uncomfy but the rest of the day was nice. i think i slept four hours? i need to drive home and get some rest update: drove home, am not resting because i am SCARED i havent been studying enough and im noT READY 7.2 drove three hours this morning to get to the airbnb where my friends are we had vegan chilaquiles and now we're watching fear and loathing in las vegas maybe we'll go in the hot tub tonight i think i look cute today ; my legs r exposed 7.1 sweating drinking borjomi in my room been told i look cute in tank tops jnco model gf 6.30 helped my roommate move out got pad thai taking her bed frame so i am taking apart my bed (by which i mean sawing it into pieces. wish me luck) 6.29 the left side of my face has been numb for HOURS but it's finally feeling a little better got another cup of coffee to celebrate made a friendship bracelet this morning last night downloaded a little life, with intent to read after july 27 when i take my exam. so if i fail i can cry more i want to put poems somewhere 6.28 yesterday and the day before were nice~ i almost exclusively ate out yesterday which was crazy ; we got burritos and then thai food and then a crunchwrap otw home and honestly it felt great asked partner to stay over bc i was getting paranoid, as i do sometimes, ,,, i just get really scared of the dark/cant sleep bc fear , like a little baby yesterday i had meal deliveries, and today i will too. there's protests going on in downtown right now; someone died yesterday. 6.26 feel a little more optimistic today went to local middle eastern grocery store; that always seems to make me feel better they had a lot of israeli food, i almost bought malawach but it was like $8 and that feels like a lot for fried bread 6.25 felt weird this morning, thought i had a fever last night i think i was just dehydrated today. hoping for the best four fillings this monday someday i will restore self control

words 4u

  • hopefully
  • a cloying wish falls from teeth
  • tearful with syrup
  • sticky talisman
  • preserved in amber
  • trapped in time and tinted stone
  • a home
  • a home
  • a home
  • a home

some of my favorite songs updated 06/17

  • (american pleasure club - this is heaven & id die for it)
  • (bladee and ecco2k - obedient)
  • (pay for pain - until i walk through the flames)
  • (for your health - keres)
  • (deli girls - officer)
  • (regina spektor covers no surprises)

dinner 07/02

  • quinoa burger with microgreens tomato pickle ketchup mustard
  • chocolate cake

thoughts atm

  • last thing i baked
  • sfouf (lebanese curcuma cake)
  • //
  • more thoughts :
  • ☆ hunter is cool ! ☆
  • //
  • even more thoughts :
  • idea of intention/creation/impulse as it relates to
  • art and other things that are not art per se but maybe are in theory?
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  • date of last cry:
  • 06/26

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