Detroit, MI

MUSIC DISCOVERY I've been interested lately in music discovery. There are several different ways of discovering music, and I'm looking to automate them as much as possible and find new ways to dig deeper to uncover music. I'll document my findings on music discovery and good music I've found here. CAPTURE I use Telegram to quickly capture any music I may encounter during my digital travels. I set up a special room just for this. I use an Android phone, so it's easy to just share to Telegram from any app. I can also just type something in the room if I hear of a new band from a friend, a podcast, etc. I mostly capture from Instagram, regular websites and by typing it in. When I'm in the mood, I go through and listen to my backlog. If I find something I like, I add it in my streaming service and (starting now) make note of it here. Telegram has a lot of bots that I may implement, such as an RSS feed bot. This method is more for noting music I want to check out when I stumble upon it, rather than seeking it out. DASHBOARD I put together a website that displays RSS feeds side by side from a number of websites where I find music I'm interested in. I'll go over this more in the future. Right now it's good to look at once or twice a week, because things don't change much on it. DEEP LEARNING IN MUSIC RECOMMENDATION Finally I've been exploring more of machine assisted recommendations. We all use this - Spotify's Discover Weekly playlist, YouTube recommendations, etc. I've had mixed results with this, and have been looking at different methods to get the results I desire. TO BE CONTINUED


  • Кураж by Misha Sultan × Пурпурный Дядя [rel. 04/27/20]
  • Gridlock 911117 by Antoje [rel 05/05/20]
  • I record music under the name Even Beams