Detroit, MI

03/05/20 I've been working on automating my life more. My time has become so scarce that the idea of shaving time off things is very appealing. Automation and efficiency is the name of the game. There are many facets to this - one of the things is I still want to be able to engage with culture and find new things and ideas. The information flow on the Internet is insane, and it's hard to sift through things. To help with this I've created a "dashboard" website for myself. It's not public, just for me. It's clunky but it looks good and works great. It mostly uses RSS feeds (and some scraping) to pull from websites, subreddits, twitter feeds, etc. It's all packed in on one page. It's headlines only, and gives me a brief overview of my interests in the last day. I use a private subreddit for myself to share links to. It works as my bookmark system. It's easy to post on Reddit from anywhere - my computer, phone. I can share a link to the Reddit app. This goes into one of my columns on my dashboard so I can process links later. I've also been working on a good way to discover new music. I've built a dashboard for just music discovery as well. I currently have the RSS feed from with everything tagged [FRESH] which means new music (along with a link to the top [FRESH] items from the past week). This helps me quickly find the best new releases from the day and past week. Then a column of this past weeks top songs from /r/listentothis, which is a great way to find smaller and upcoming bands. Then columns for Pitchfork's Best New Tracks and Albums, new TinyMixTapes reviews, and new releases from Boomkat. So far this is a decent way to find new stuff, but I'd like to get it to be better. The next phase I'm working on for music is a way to bookmark things I want to listen to. When I find something interesting, I'm not always in a place where I can listen instantly to see if I like it. I want to be able to add things to a list and quickly go through the list and listen to what's there. From there, if I like it, I will add it to a more permanent listen list, and if I don't it gets deleted. I want this list to be able to accept all kinds of things - links, song names, artist names, etc. If it's a bandcamp link for instance, that's easy to process. If it's just an artist name, maybe it creates a link to YouTube or something for their top song.




  • I don't have favorite books, but some I enjoyed lately:
  • Norwegian Wood
  • DisneyWar
  • Tune In: The Beatles All These Years


  • Frances Ha
  • Rushmore
  • Lost in Translation
  • Rear Window
  • Star Wars


  • I record music under the name Even Beams

Favorite Months

  • October
  • April
  • June