Detroit, MI

May: 10: Doing taxes, investing, trying to be an adult. Going on a trip later this week for the first time since the pandemic. Staying in a tiny house by the beach. Going to finally read Norwegian Wood probably. 5: I bought myself a ring today. I'm not really a jewelry person, but I wanted a cool signet ring. I may look dopey but I love it so WHO CARES April: 21: Just found out the wikipedia pages for each Beatles songs are incredibly detailed. For "Here Comes The Sun" they have a historical analysis of the weather when it was written and how it was actually really sunny that month. It's great before bed reading. 19: Day off, had a picnic. Worked on my taxes and finances. Hope to work on some music tonight, I have so many ideas I'm gonna explode. Are hiking shoes cool now? I saw someone wearing them and she was very cool and made me want a pair even though I don't hike. 17: The dining room table I designed was finally built and we set it up in our showroom yesterday. I'm so excited - it turned out so nice. I'm nervous at how people will receive it, I hope people buy it. 15: I received my second vax shot yesterday. I feel terrible today, but I'm happy to have had it. 11: Gonna start working on a neocities soon. The outdoors are in bloom. The pandemic is raging again here. Everything feels hopeful and frightening at the same time. 6: I would like to watch a movie but I don't have time. I want to read a book but I can't stay awake. I want to skateboard but my knees hurt. I want to travel but there's a global pandemic. I'm very thankful for music because it's a friend that can go with me no matter what I'm doing. |\/|arch: 30: Second vax for the wife today, we're on our way. Been working hard on my music. I finished a mix of my song and I was really happy with it. Then I heard a new song from another artist who does similar stuff to me and its really good and now I hate my new song. Such is life. I really don't want to compare myself to others, just keep creating, keep moving forward. 20: I got some pens to doodle with. I ordered myself some new socks that were a little too much money. I got myself a vaccine. I'm listening to new music. Spring is here. 7: Need a place to hide out. Under a blanket would probably do well. February: 27: I bought my dream guitar. It's so amazing. It's weird to be pining after something for like 15 years and now it's here. It makes me so happy but what will I hope for now? 23: I'm still hereeeeeee. V. on edge today. I'm in 13: I feel like when my mind is idle I think about problems. It's either problems in my life or with myself, which can make me depressed quick. Or it's a problem with a project I'm working on, which is good to work through in my head. I think that's why having projects or something to work on is key for my mental health. It gives me something to occupy my mind. 5: Felt slighted by my therapist, gonna have to get an additional therapist to help me deal with why I can't be more assertive with my first one. 1: My new music room is very small, and I'm loving it. There's something appealing about very small, private spaces. I've always wanted to go to one of those capsule hotels in Japan, where you sleep in a little pod that you can't even stand up in. January: 31: Enjoying a little quiet before the world explodes. I miss books so much. I miss being able to read for hours, now I fall asleep after 10 minutes. I wonder if I'll ever be able to read a book cover to cover in one sitting again. Who has that kind of time? 30: I framed the art (decollage) I made for my first album today. It seems a little self-serving, but I'm proud of it and it's a reminder that I was able to accomplish recording a whole album, which was difficult for me. I'm going to hang it in my new music room. 29: I woke up before my alarm today for the first time, on day 37 of waking up early. I may have a new habit formed. I miss staying up late - it was my favorite time of the day. The dead of night is so peaceful. But mornings aren't so bad either, I'm learning to appreciate them. 26: I've moved my music room/studio into the basement. Its such a small area, but definitely feeling cozy. I lit a candle and played guitar to lofi beats. It put me in a really good place. 24: My dad got the vaccine, we sold the first one of the new dining set we designed at work, I got my shell working again, things are looking up. 23: I've found its not enough to be present - I have to actively stop myself from dwelling too much on the past or future. This has helped me a lot. 20: Sometimes you find a new band and it clicks right away and you can't stop listening. Sometimes it's slow. You forget about them, then remember and put them on. You start listening more and more. You realize it makes you feel a special way - they're comforting, a new friend. It creeps up on you - and then you think "this might be one of my favorite bands." This happened to me with tricot. 17: My son likes a show where a boy is friends with a garbage truck, a bear and a raccoon. There's one episode where he has his friends over for pizza and they just sit around the table hanging out. It's both of ours favorite. I really want that. I think I just want to be friends with inanimate objects and animals. 15: I watched Before Sunrise and the most romantic part was no one was on their phones 13: I want to get a lava lamp, like the one I had as a kid. But apparently lava lamps aren't as good as they used to be unless you import them from overseas or something and I researched too much instead of just buying the stupid lava lamp and now probably won't be happy until I'm hundreds of dollars into lava lamp imports getting the best of the best 11: Can't really figure out my vibe these days 10: Things move so fast that I don't take time to reflect and be thankful. I'm so thankful I made it through the holidays - they're usually very difficult and overwhelming for me. *** One thing I like about winter is dreaming about summer or somewhere warm. Sometimes its better than actual summer. I put on Hawaiian music and look at pictures of the ocean. It's a nice way to relax. 3: Reading Ecclesiastes, reading Cioran. Want to fly somewhere far, mainly for the undistributed hours of sitting in a plane. 1: Feeling in a bit of a daze. Went to Ikea today which was overwhelming. We went to a McDonalds nearby that looked like it hadn't been updated since the 90s. I could see inside but we couldn't go inside because pandemic reasons. I must return after we all get our vaccines. December: 29: I've been getting up early lately, before my wife and kids. It's not in my nature, but I think it's important to have some "me" time, which I don't get much of. It's been nice having a calm, quiet house, but honestly I've been a bit bored! There are a million things I want to do at all times, but I'm either too sleepy in the morning, or there isn't enough time to get absorbed into a project or even a TV show (my son wakes up first, so I can have anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour alone time.) I tried exercising and it ruined my day. I tried reading but I fall asleep. So I've just been taking a longer time showering and eating breakfast. 15: I decided I needed a basic calculator for my desk. I was getting sick of Windows Calculator. I wanted to get a vintage one, and stumbled across this site: It looks like it was started in the 90s but it's still being actively updated. (I ended up getting a new TI-108 for my desk.) 14: I had some anti-maskers come into my store. I'm usually good at confronting them in a nice way, but this time they split up in all directions quickly and were just pushing back that they had medical exemptions and I just kind of gave up. Usually I'm so good at handling this but I'm just tired of it. It's been bothering me - because I didn't handle it right, and how much lack of respect people have. Regardless of how someone feels about masks, its my store and we require masks, end of story. I'm just tired of this all. 11: Had my first therapy session this morning and it went really well! Even though its something I should have done a long time ago, I'm proud of myself for taking steps to take better care of myself. “The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.” 10: I want to be great at simplifying a point of view and saying it succinctly and persuasively. That would be such a useful skill to have. 9: My desk at work has always been a mess. Like, the messiest desk in the company by far. Just filthy. Every job I've had's been the same, except one. My company once got bought out by another company. I started looking for another job, and couldn't find one, so I was transferred about an hour away. I hated every minute of it. I frantically looked for other work while remaining there. My desk was so clean. It was beautiful. People probably thought I had my life together when in reality I was just not settling in because I knew I would quit soon. Now I'm back to a messy desk. 4: I made an appointment with a therapist today. It's something I should have done a looooong time ago. I'm still nervous about the money, but I hope it's good for me.


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