Detroit, MI

I used to use this page for my thoughts on music discovery, which I may publish elsewhere. But for now I'm doing a line-a-day type update. I will still add any cool obscure new music releases. September: 27: Took a walk downtown to get coffee today. It was hot today, but too many colors on the trees to wear shorts. I placed a hold on some travel books from the library. Travel books for places I'll probably never go - especially not any time soon. It's fun to dream though. They say planning a trip brings as much (if not more) happiness than actually going on a trip. 26: Something about fall makes me interested in new things. Maybe it's a feeling left over from being in school and starting a new school year. Maybe fall should be the fresh start instead of Jan 1st? I got interested in Swiss Army Knives a few falls ago. I would spend hours on looking at different tools and picking out the perfect knife that would be best suited for my day-to-day life. 2 years ago I got into poetry - I have good memories of going to Maine on vacation and reading Howl like some sort of intellectual. I don't know what I'll do this year. I got a Swatch watch on eBay and started to go down a Swatch rabbit hole, but most of them are ugly and not exciting to me. 25: I need to clean off my desk at work. It's very messy. Some jobs I've had I've kept a very clean and organized desk, and some have been the worst disasters you've ever seen. This one is somewhere in between. I briefly got into tea about 7 years ago and I got out of it about 6.5 years ago. I have a jar of honey on my desk from that time that I haven't touched in 6.5 years. The bad part is that I've switched jobs once since then. I actually packed it up from my old job and put it on my new desk and never touched it. Maybe today I'll get rid of it? Come back tomorrow. 24: I'm gonna try and start learning Google Sketchup today to design furniture for work. I like learning something new because it takes my mind off things. I've been trying to eat better, but it's hard because I'm a stress eater and these are stressful times. I'll just have a cup of coffee right now instead. 23: Blah bad vibes 22: I found an HD station on my car radio that only plays music from Detroit (which ends up pretty much being Motown music.) Bernedette from The Four Tops came on, which I haven't heard in many years. I forgot the part where the song sounds like its over, but then the singer (the first top) howls BERNEDETTE. It took me by surprise and put a huge dumb grin on my face. 21: Went to the Detroit Zoo today, which is one of my favorite places to go. It's such a nice walk even if a lot of the indoor buildings are closed. I get such a nostalgic feeling going there, and fall is one of my favorite times to go.


  • Кураж by Misha Sultan × Пурпурный Дядя [rel. 04/27/20]
  • Gridlock 911117 by Antoje [rel 05/05/20]
  • Six Songs for Invisible Gardens by Green-House [rel 01/15/20]
  • Leos Naturals by SIP [rel 04/24/20]
  • Moss King by Omni Gardens [rel 09/18/20]
  • I record music under the name Even Beams