.__ .__ _____ | | | | ____ ___.__.__ _ _______ ___.__. \__ \ | | | | _/ __ &lt; | |\ \/ \/ /\__ \&lt; | | / __ \| |_| |_\ ___/\___ | \ / / __ \\___ | (____ /____/____/\___ &gt; ____| \/\_/ (____ / ____| \/ \/\/ \/\/ I'm reading a book called <a href="">THE LOSER</a> which I'm really enjoying. It's a fictional account of piano player Glenn Gould and two of his friends. It's written as a stream of consciousness - one single paragraph with a lot of run on sentences. I just finished the book <a href="">VALLEY OF THE DOLLS</a> which some people call trash but I enjoyed so much. I loved every minute of it. I looked forward to each night getting into bed and spending time in that world. I need to find more books that give me this feeling. I've stopped listening to most of my podcasts and started listening to music more. I've rediscovered online radio stations. My favorite is <a href="">ROCK'N'SOUL RADIO</a> from WFMU. They play obscure rock and soul songs. They have DJs but when they don't, it's hosted by a robot named Soul'N'Soul Bunny. It has a real dystopian vibe - all this old music, old jingles and commercials, and then the songs and weather are announced by a robot voice. If you go on their 90's looking chatboard you can talk to the robot DJ. The second stations is called <a href="">BOSS RADIO 66</a>. It has the same music style as the above station (it used to be that station). What's strange about this station is that Tom Hanks DJs a monthly show on that. Yes, the actor Tom Hanks does a show on a little obscure internet streaming station. I got a Fujifilm Instax Mini instant camera, and it's been really fun. Yes it's very hipsterish, but I don't care. I like having an instant physical picture. I've been trying to cut down my screentime on my phone. I leave now don't pick up my phone before I leave for work and I put it in my room when I get home from work until 9:00pm. I wake up with an alarm clock now. I really want to get <a href="">this vintage alarm clock</a> - it plays Here Comes The Sun! Is that legal? I started drawing again when I have downtime at home instead of looking at my phone. I used to draw when I was a kid all the time - I wanted to be an animator. I haven't drawn since. Life got in the way. Instead of scrolling instagram I just doodle and doodle. I can do it while watching TV too. It's so nice and relaxing. <a href="">This looks like my house.</a>

Videos that are good



  • ะšัƒั€ะฐะถ by Misha Sultan ร— ะŸัƒั€ะฟัƒั€ะฝั‹ะธฬ† ะ”ัะดั [rel. 04/27/20]
  • Gridlock 911117 by Antoje [rel 05/05/20]
  • Six Songs for Invisible Gardens by Green-House [rel 01/15/20]
  • Leos Naturals by SIP [rel 04/24/20]
  • Moss King by Omni Gardens [rel 09/18/20]
  • I record music under the name Even Beams