feb 2024 I glance down at the cucumber slice on my wrist I put a watch on my eye I attach identity to my foot I strawberry I cherry I rise and fall through the slumber of my old father I speak, of course I think the thing about it is, I want to say how much, I believe we should be a bit more! I understand that you’re unbuckled I pick up a helmet before it can scuttle off I don’t know I really don’t know I really, really don’t know how any of this came or from where I rest on poppies I stand on avalanches I am the consciousness of a rock and separation without the other. july 2022 "This is a man everyone believes to be Dante, only he himself does not fall for it." jan 2021 do you have a best friend who leaves a shadow? another best friend who has never found it difficult to think? how do you manage the scripts? ____________________________ please stay, go buggy

instead of a kleenex

  • cotton shorts
  • carpet
  • wind
  • recently my brother grew taller, so his shoulder

instances of the word contentless

  • Blackout of my nights: Contentless, timeless and selfless report from the night in patients with central hypersomnias
  • contentless wakefulness behind everything


  • wait
  • flash-cube in the brain
  • qualify silence