berlin until the 29th

if i were a space today, i would be 2.26 the space between a shoe and the ground 2.25 the space between a poorly built shelf and the side of a bookcase where they don't really fit together and it kind of feels like it will either cave in on itself or get wedged there forever 2.24 a roofed bus stop 2.23 the space between the top of the cabinets and the ceiling 2.22 the inside of a novelty coffee mug shaped like a boot 2.21 a tiny bathroom where too many friends are clumsily gathered to dye each other's hair 2.20 the inside of a swelling balloon 2.19 a quaint airbnb where small gatherings are allowed under the house rules 2.18 a printing press (morning), a basket (evening) 2.17 the inside of a car driving up a foggy mountain 2.15 a blanket fort that has to be put away, for now 2.14 a back porch while everyone else is inside this prompt originally came from dan taeyoung during the session they taught for code societies 2020 at SFPC. i think it is a magical question. thank you dan :)

what I wanted to be as a child

  • a cartoonist for the Sunday newspaper
  • a pilot or something up high
  • a writer

movies or TV that made me feel a combination of emotions that no movie or TV had ever made me feel at the time of watching

  • spirited away (2001, age 6)
  • the "sexually fluid" season of are you the one? (2019, age 23)
  • please like me (2018, age 23)
  • sans soleil (2017, age 21)
  • donnie darko (2010, age 14)
  • CSI Miami (2004, age 9)



if it matters

  • libra sun
  • aquarius moon
  • capricorn rising
  • ENFP
  • words of affirmation

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