snail, in a plunge pool

✽ in the last few weeks, two friends have said that conversations w me "inspire" them. this is a new experience for me ✽ second wave always bigger ✽ vulnerability is freeing the pandemic is not ✽ should i make an astra king fansite y/n ✽ hadn't watched a movie in nearly a month so ofc i've seen 7/8 in the last four days... ✽ a chip chop for when we have to make decisions re ordering takeout ✽ hiding out in my room again ✽ i understand days best. weeks and years not so much. months somewhat, and minutes ✽ inside my heart you might find some fruit and a few big friendships ✽ my big pink blanket, usually a source of comfort, now feels like a manifestation of my loneliness ✽ my body carries a lot more shame than it has the capacity for ✽ must write everything down

where in the world

  • a room at my parents' house
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