Summon Toast

28-05-2020 Joined I don't think software was meant to be bigger than what one person could store in their head. It's too much really. I read Carl Sagan's Contact and I couldn't put it down. Spoilers to follow. But after I was done I felt a sort of emptiness I don't think was the intent of the book. I think it was trying to say see, there can be wonder to the universe even if we don't know where it come from or why it is. But I was left feeling that it's such a shame that there isn't a simple proof of something bigger or even other than us.


  • a virtual tabletop for roleplaying games
  • a tumblr replacement (never launched)


  • Artemis - cat - recently found out she likes her but patted and now this is all she wants in the whole world
  • Morpheus - cat - Big sleepy boy - likes lying in the sun and all tall spots