Remember to put scenes of people exercising at home in movies. -->Dream 5/20/20 in town, getting dark(?), ran into MF + JD, when I saw J I = ~ “oh my god” but we = all “playing it cool” for some reason. ran into more people, ~ TS + SY etc. trying to find a movie theater, there = a lot of options even though it = still St. Quarantine’s. There = this alleyway, ~.. the one attached to Starbucks but nicer + outdoors + cozy or ~. went into the theater, big, no stairs, the floor = downwardly diagonal. The seats = red, the walls + curtains = red. It = packed. There = an intro to ~ we = watching, the guy, who = ~ middle aged + glasses + not a lot of hair on top of his head, + seemed nice, said that they couldn’t get (~ movie we = expecting to see) but = instead showing some thing by (I can’t remember.) remember feeling disappointed because I thought the movie we = going to watch wasn’t going to be as exciting. I think it started in black + white, + then switched to color. It = two people dancing really beautifully, in an alleyway at night(?) + the walls looked the same as the walls in the theater, so it looked ~ the screen = a continuation of the theater. It = a beautiful effect, remember thinking something ~, “this = the most immersive, beautiful thing.” think I’m confusing the timeline, before that, we got to the theater + I = thinking ~, this = an underground theater so it might just be a tv in a room, + for a few minutes it =, but I = still really impressed. I = sitting in the left section on the aisle + there = a really horizontally long crt tv on a really long cabinet thing on the right side of the room. I thought ~ ~ “that tv = so cool.. this will be a cool way to watch a movie. Then the movie = introduced again, or maybe this = a series or marathon or ~, the next movie = ~ ~ “John Cage’s (~…)” remember the title being in crimson. It = ~, ~ from the 70s + Julie Berto + some other actors who remind me of her, + it = ~ people speaking nonsnese mostly, i.e. “The union needs you!” Some of the characters = androids, who mostly just looked ~ people + ventriloquist dummy mouths. Their bodies = sort of “Bicentennial Man” style. Everyone found this movie to be hilarious + thrilling + interesting. After that, there = some noise band or ~ that = going to be DJing, I think + a movie in the background. friends ≠ want to stay, + I couldn’t find J. went outside + the sky = cloudless + the sun = about where it would be at 4pm, + we = all ~, “wow! the sun = still out even though it’s ~ 10pm.” I checked my phone + it = 11:11. I jokingly said ~ ~ “? = this, Midsommar?” I climbed on the roof of the building the screening = in, it = a building similar to the middle school, or a rec center or ~. I saw this big group of people dressed ~ punks or ~ = ~, fighting or ~. But it had a similar vibe to moshing, ~ nobody gets badly hurt maybe. They attacked me + I = scared but also not, I = laughing. I ≠ feel pain. -->Transcription of Claire Denis talking about the end of Bastards "I wanted to show, um, some footage of that. Not to be.. aggressively uh - I don't know.. disgusting or whatever no I it-it uh I wanted.. it was for me like a real, real uh, reality of video, which is fake, and it's almost look like a painting, as if a video was, um, erasing the reality of whats happening but because its video is for survey its make is - it make those image more crude in a way.."


  • 1. Movie with footage of a movie playing in a movie theater (Goodbye Dragon Inn)
  • 3. Movie with sync-sound recorded far away from camera (Madeline's Madeline)
  • 4. Movie with drawing superimposed over film image (Blissfully Yours)
  • 5. Movie with fictional cartoon in universe of movie (Freddy Got Fingered)
  • 7. Movie that's partially a musical (The Hole, Dancer in the Dark)
  • 10. Movie with footage of fictional video game (Elle, Grandma's Boy, Serenity)