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Jason's log All times Central Daylight Time **Tuesday 6/2/2020** ⬛️ 5:28pm: It’s crazy hot so let’s grill out. (This space intentionally left space.) **Monday 6/1/2020** Today’s weather forecast: ☀️ Today’s mood: 😜 ((Check-in 7am - at the kitchen table - it’s only 51 degrees outside this morning! A crazy way to start June!) * I think the site is on GMT so a new day begins at 8PM Eastern @altmilan * I have pre-eye doctor appointment anxiety for some reason. Why I hype these things up in my mind, I don’t know. * I think of the start of each month as a chance to reboot and shed things off that don’t work. I’m always itching for change but have no idea what I want to change. * ➡️ You should be subscribed to 1000 Words of Summer : https://1000wordsofsummer.substack.com/p/day-4-of-1000wordsofsummer-2020 ⬅️ ((Check-out 5:46pm)) * The eye appointment went well. No changes. No new glasses needed. * Today was the last spring-like day. Tomorrow, Summer looks like it’s coming to stay. **Sunday 5/31/2020** Today's weather forecast: ☀️ Today's mood: 😑 ((Check-in 8:31am - on the deck with an Orange Gatorade and a Quaker Chewy Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Granola Bar)) * I have an idea to do things a bit different here on the fish this week. We'll see if it sticks. Fish sticks. * I just finished archiving last week's posts over to the blog. I moved links to the archive down to a list. * Goals today? I hope for a more relaxing day than yesterday. I spent a lot of the afternoon on yard work and then I watched another four hours of the protests and riots on television. I read this article yesterday which explains what is happening now yet was written in 1968. It reminds me of watching Driving Miss Daisy when I was in high school and Morgan Freeman's character saying "Talk about things changing. They ain't changed all that much." They still haven't. They tell us to vote and voting is not enough. What's happening now is not enough because it's all been done before and nothing has changed. * I want the things I do, this site, the blog, the podcast - to all be diversions, places to escape from the news like this and the coronavirus but that's just not realistic right now. ((Check-out 7:30pm - sitting in the recliner)) * I think I accomplished my goal of a more relaxing day. I spent most of the afternoon in this recliner doing as little as possible. * Eye appointment first thing in the morning which I always dread. Thank goodness it only happens once a year. I've been lucky and not had a real change in the last few years but I know I'm reading a tad worse now so I expect I'll need new glasses. I think I'll put that part off until later in the summer, though, if the change is not too much.

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