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<h3><a href="http://www.incidentalcomics.com/2020/07/the-attention-manifesto.html">Link everyone who creates anything should check out - INCIDENTAL COMICS: The Attention Manifesto</a></h3> <img src="https://phaven-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/uploads%2F2020-08-08%2F13%2F14614%2FEDjtNAV3C-yRuDN_3qHRSsrFqKg%2Fs3ul214%2Fftf3.jpg" alt="Learn It. Know It. Live It."> <h1><strong>LOG</strong></h1> <h3>Saturday 8/15/2020: My allergies stink this time of year. Sneeze. Sneeze. Sneeze. The weather forecast was filled with rain which meant a day spent on or near the couch. Now they have cleared it off and that opens the door to all sorts of possibilities. What will family members want to do that I will get sucked into? Please don't let it be shopping.</h3> <h3>Friday 8/14/2020: Yes, here we are at another Friday and I have a full week on the log now. I'm not sure if I will wipe and start over at some point or just keep going until I hit the boundary. I like how @pisces is doing their log. There are so many possibilities here with just a blank text box and no rules! We are only limited by our imaginations and the HTML that will work. Today will be cloudy and rainy and I'm ready for it. I wish I could sit on the couch all day with the writing laptop, cups of coffee and my Christmas LED candle flickering. I think I am ready for fall.</h3> <h3>Thursday 8/13/2020: Another day just outside of the apocalypse. 5:37am. Eating my raisin toast at the kitchen table. I wonder how Waffle House makes toast better than I do. I've watched them make toast. They are not using some secret method. A toaster. Butter. Just like me. But their toast is always a little better than my toast. There must be some magic in their toaster. Mine came from Walmart. The internet here finally appears to be fixed after a day and a half of up and down service as they fixed the lightning damage down the street. More storms are in the forecast for today and tomorrow. I am hoping lightning doesn't strike in the same place twice at least not this week.</h3> <h3>Wednesday 8/12/2020: The internet is down AGAIN so I am doing this from my phone. The lightning strike damaged equipment down the street that they are supposedly working to replace. It makes working at home very challenging. Looks like I will have to leave and find another place to work today. ☹️</h3> <h3>Tuesday 8/11/2020: We had a lightning strike so close early this morning that the whole house lit up like daytime, there was an explosive clap of thunder, the power immediately went out and I felt a zap like someone had scooted their feet across a shaggy rug like we had in the 70's and popped me with static electricity. I expected to look out the back door and see a tree on fire behind the house but nope, I guess it hit the field that is a little off to east. Still, way too close. The power came back pretty quick and after an hour the corgi stopped vibrating and was able to go back to sleep. He does not like storms, thunder, butterflies landing on him, and numerous other things that appear to scare the daylights out of him. In other news, I need to read today. I was so busy at work yesterday that I was too tired to read or do anything involving mental function for the rest of the night so I wasted my evening with the iPad.</h3> <h3>Monday 8/10/2020: Just finished (at 3:42am) cleaning up the surprise one of the dogs left in the living room. It’s not even my birthday. Looks like a bit more of a rainy day today. Another full week of work is starting today but I have nowhere to go tonight or tomorrow night so I might go into full hermit mode for a couple of days. I am also halfway through a good book at the library after multiple false starts. It’s nice to be back reading again!</h3> <h3>Sunday 8/9/2020: A camera-shy tree frog lives in my deck umbrella. If I try to take a picture, they go up the pole and out of sight. So I am just going to respect their privacy. I wonder if the frog knows the umbrella is an umbrella or if they think it is a tree? Surely not. Yes, the plumbing went well yesterday. No more leaks. I am slowly learning more about plumbing than I ever wanted to know. I would like to sell my father's house and move him to our town but that is a daunting task and yes, that would mean selling off my childhood home but that not the part that is daunting. It is the actual moving of all of the stuff in the house. It makes me tired just thinking about it.</h3> <h3>Saturday 8/8/2020: Join me today for another exciting episode of Amateur Plumber as I head to my father’s house and tackle the dripping kitchen sink. Will it be an easy repair or will disaster strike? Stay tuned and find out! Update: Plumbing was a success. Faucet is no longer dripping!</h3> <h3>Friday 8/7/2020: It's finally Friday again and I'm starting the day at the kitchen table with a Vince Guaraldi playlist playing on the Google Home Hub. That's basically all I do with this fantastically advanced technological device - stream music. Sometimes I watch YouTube TV on it also. I don't ask it any important questions. I don't use it to set the thermostat or add items to the grocery list. I ask it to play whatever music I am in the mood to hear. Most of the time that is jazz of some type although I did ask it to play Italian music the other night when we fixed spaghetti and it tried its best. It started out with Dean Martin singing "That's Amore" which I don't really consider Italian music but Olive Garden plays it also so maybe that's what Google was going for. I already have a lot to do today so I better get crackin'.</h3> <img src="https://phaven-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/uploads%2F2020-08-03%2F11%2F14614%2Fd7ivp4zkPAMk34GRogU3jzj9Z20%2Fs3ul231%2Flog.gif" alt="this is my log">

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