Milan Davidović, Toronto (UTC - 4)

2020 OCTOBER 24 (Sat) – Transcribing <a href="">Sacred Song</a> out of my head (I’ve learned the notes), then annotating for breathing, phrasing and articulation. I’ve got the notes; now to wrestle with the shades of grey. Mostly finished some writing for a friend’s ’zine: it’s not just about getting words on a page, it’s about how ideas move. 23 (Fri) – In the morning I didn’t have the buzz I had yesterday, but it still wasn’t a bad morning. The day job was the day job. I don’t have to be up early tomorrow which means I have more time this evening for stuff (but still no piano). 22 (Thurs) – Good practice this morning, perhaps because of what I listened to when I first got up (nothing to do with what I’m practicing, but good tunes all the same). Busy day at the day job, but staying on top of it. No piano again, but got my uploads loaded up. I believe I’ll get a decent amount of sleep. 21 (Wed) – Busy busy day: didn’t make it to the piano today, didn’t work on a new random row, but got my other stuff done earlier so it’s off to bed. Sleep will make things better. 20 (Tues) – Not working for me: reading first thing when I get up. WDtB still gives much food for thought, but at that hour of the day I simply cannot process text all that well. The evening ended up being a bit rushed; I went down a rabbit hole that I didn’t recognize as such until it had already consumed a bunch of time. Must learn to recognize things that should be parked until the weekend, and then park ’em. 19 (Mon) – Practice went fine, the day was a bit disorganized. I blame the fire alarm testing in my building. Got my uploads (podcast, blog) done, though kind of late. Time to pack it in so I can get up and do it all (mostly) over again tomorrow. 18 (Sun) – Missed the piano yesterday, but got to it today. It helps to set an alarm. More housework today, some grocery shopping (less like AGO, more like Eaton Centre), and more thinking about solfege games (and how to work up to <a href="">the one that was too hard for me yesterday</a>). Prepped files for the upcoming week in the HL. 17 (Sat) – <a href="">Diane Arbus show at the Art Gallery of Ontario</a>. Nice to not have to share it with quite as many people as a typical exhibit. Go if you have the chance; closes November 8. On the other hand, if you can avoid going to the Eaton Centre, do. Let’s see how the next couple of weeks go. 16 (Fri) – Day 4 on The Thing That Is Not So New. It’s almost feeling routine now. My two big goals for today were to start my next batch of cold brew (failure) and spend 30 minutes at the piano (for the first time in ages) (success). 15 (Thurs) – Day 3 on the New Thing. Went down to the HL with only one of my recorders (not on purpose). Always have two of everything. Changed up the horn order; flugabone first went fine. 14 (Wed) – Day 2 on the New Thing. The plan expanded slightly. Playing along with tracks recorded by a professional human being is starting to recalibrate my perception of my own playing, which might be both good and discouraging. 13 (Tues) – Day 1 on the New Thing. Plan is fleshed out significantly, but I think it’s only going to get me through this week, and on the weekend I’m going to have to come up with some new ideas to keep working on this (change key, change style, something). I should start thinking about commissioning a new duet recording. 12 (Mon) – A couple of books on hold; the first is directly relevant to music, and the second might give me some ideas about my music practice (such as it is). 1) <a href>Practiceopedia</a>: someone in one of my timelines brought this up, mentioning that it was out of print; 2) <a href="">Is This Anything?</a>: <a href="">the interview I listened to the other day</a> is apparently connected with the promotion of this book. Also, prepped files for Sacred Song to take down into the HL tomorrow morning. 11 (Sun) – Started listening to (and learning) the Trombone 1 part of Sacred Song. I made a playlist so that loops the full version with Tbn 1 so that I keep coming back to the context. A notepad is filling up with ideas for learning and practicing the song, for a blog post, for how something I learned from a singing teacher ties in. Some recording troubles for <a href="">tonight’s SU upload</a>. 10 (Sat) – Started listening to <a href="">the recordings of Portniansky’s ‘Sacred Song’ that I had recorded for me</a>, beginning with the full duet (i.e. the two parts mixed together). Did an overall rhythmic transcription (the two voices largely move together) but have had second thoughts about how I did it; next time, transcribe in bigger chunks before checking against the recording. 09 (Fri) – Last day on this key (six flats) and last day in the practice cycle (these nine Christmas tunes). Next week, I start learning a short trombone duet by ear; the idea will be to be able to play each part from memory along with a recording of the other part. Tomorrow, the Canadian Thanksgiving weekend begins (which I invite @upinthisbrain to mark along with us, in the manner of his choosing). 08 (Thurs) – I just figured out a system for picking my “Good morning” and “Good night” songs for Discord. Streamlines the decisions (somewhat) and gives me a new (but not novel) approach to music discovery. 07 (Wed) – Dental hygienist visit today. All remains well in the mouth of Milan. However, it has taken a chunk out of a day that could have benefited from it. I got caught up on my day job afterward; my blog and podcast ended up being a bit rushed, but I feel no guilt. 06 (Tues) – Each morning before going down to the HL, I’m reading a chapter of Natalie Goldberg’s “Writing Down the Bones” (WDtB), not so much for writing advice but rather for thoughts on how to shape my music practice (which actually, to a certain extent, incorporates writing). Today: “Baking a Cake; in my practice, the ingredients seem clear, but what constitutes the "heat"? 05 (Mon) – Unless otherwise specified, on any Monday to Friday morning I’ll be in the Hurt Locker, during the day working my day job, and then in the evening putting together a post for <a href="">my blog</a> and an upload for <a href="">my podcast</a>, which are mostly about (or tangentially relevant to) that morning.