hi i wish to make good music someday overall pretty shit at everything really wish you cared about me --- Stuff --- scrapped music things - 379 (12 more added since last update) --- Notes to myself --- drink 2 big waters daily (SERIOUSLY FUCK) take vitamins and minerals daily eat some fruits --- Fruits I like so far --- (i never ate fruit in my life so im trying to figure out which ones i like, this is my list so far) -Blueberries (p god tier) -Grapes (also god tier) -Mangoes (god tier but u gotta slice them shits small fr fr) -Kiwi (almost god tier but u gotta eat em with a spoon and they're fuzzy so they feel weird so -2 points) -Watermelon (very good but a bit annoyin to get since u gotta buy a big 1) -Strawberries (theyre aight)

Tracks that I like

  • [beats]
  • [ambient]
  • [emo]
  • [shoegaze]
  • [piano stuff]
  • [techno]

My music projects

  • [beats] - done for now
  • [ambient]

Currently working on

  • beat tape
  • ambient ep [ 3 tracks done ]
  • house ep
  • techno ep
  • drum n bass ep [ 2 tracks done]

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