wesley stroupe

hello i am wes! i am a web person and an art person and i like to read tarot! i am trying some new things! like indoor climbing and hanging out on mountains with friends! i am really passionate about cultivating friendship and combating isolation & emotional repression & finding out how nourish real interpersonal trust and kindness through the network

a small playlist from when i was more sad

  • toss up by kevin krauter: https://youtu.be/R44RxpUAzaQ
  • the alarmist by pinegrove: https://youtu.be/62dzTaKGU_s
  • man to man by dorian electra: https://youtu.be/u3K6_89Ee4U
  • only acting by kero kero bonito: https://youtu.be/sepcj45774I
  • the light by joey walker: https://youtu.be/Cz13Ui6SOnw
  • death cup by mom jeans: https://youtu.be/FH_hsd9QJlw

things i read that i found important

  • how to do nothing by jenny odell
  • when things fall apart by pema chödrön
  • the creative tarot by jessa crispin
  • the end of manhood by john stoltenberg
  • the gifts of imperfection by brené brown
  • men and friendship by stuart miller


  • wesleystroupe@icloud.com (checked often)
  • wesleystroupe@protonmail.com
  • (will gladly exchange numbers for use via color chat, signal, imessage)
  • switch fc: SW-8026-5436-7706

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