seattle, wa

12/1/20 i have a big job interview tmrw and i'm nervous. 9/28/20 dropping some $ on a fit bc fall is for fashion. 9/23/20 got some money from the government. it's raining in seattle. a bit bored, but there are worse things.


  • freddie dredd (artist)
  • anti pop (spotify playlist)
  • pollen (spotify playlist)

recently watched movies

  • your name
  • pan's labyrinth
  • promare
  • blade runner 2049
  • perfect blue

current interests

  • animal intelligence
  • uselessness
  • hardware programming
  • infosec

books (recently read)

  • sontag (biography)
  • blueprint for revolution
  • the making of a manager
  • joyful militancy
  • how to change your mind

video games

  • mario kart 8 deluxe
  • rocket league
  • legend of zelda: breath of the wild

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