seattle, wa

7/5/20 i think i am "anti-work" now. 6/30/20 one of my friends is leaving the states soon! i'm a little jealous, but they will be missed. i put together a small card with some stickers in it which i will hand off today. also, yeesh, 80% increases of domestic covid cases over the past two weeks. the states are dumb. 6/23/20 picking up some raspberry pi's from a friend today! yesterday i deployed a pi-hole in my house, and jeez louise it's super useful. going to see if i can make a tor router either today or this week. 6/17/20 is this my secret twitter? anyway, i've been hardware hacking, which has been nice. good for my brain. the girlfriend has been baking a lot! last night she made bagels. the world is re-opening and i am waiting for the spike in covid cases. 06/05/20 blm, no justice no peace. depressed at how the world feels out of control. 05/17/20 i am listless! the ennui creeps in! today i am hoping to do some fun computering after my walk. i am planning to buy coffee from a cafe for the first time in 2 months! also i am mentioning my friend @ttto because i can ~


  • why worry - isaiah rashad
  • woo! - remi wolf
  • back and forth - sebastian paul

to do

  • tidy up the apartment
  • go grocery shopping
  • work on cryptography homework

recently watched movies

  • promare
  • blade runner 2049
  • perfect blue

current interests

  • animal intelligence
  • uselessness
  • hardware programming
  • infosec

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