11/9/22 repairing self after break up from long term relationship. sad and lethargic most days. trying to apply for jobs, but some days i just sleep until hunger drives me out of bed. 10/4/22 i put a whole entry in here yesterday and maybe i didn't save it properly. 11/29/21 wisdom teeth out. i am a little bit bored and sore. 11/26/21 getting my wisdom teeth out on monday. already had 2 out, getting the other two out. currently high and trying to be productive amidst cascading systemic failure. so i bought $700 worth of clothes and called it a day.

video games

  • mario kart 8 deluxe
  • rocket league
  • legend of zelda: breath of the wild
  • valorant
  • minecraft

current interests

  • making vtuber rigs
  • cooking!!
  • online courses
  • practicing guitar

things on my desk

  • plastic box of chocolate covered espresso beans
  • 14g bag of heavily marketed weed
  • a square coaster with a picture of a moose on it
  • tiny porcelain bulldog

favorite movies

  • hotel artemis
  • interstellar
  • bullet train
  • paterson
  • chef

wish-wish is a fan of