9.1.22 special fish 8.29.22 playing around with a new design for profiles and a simple nav. still in the works. thinking about adding new fields to the profile that direct the experience a little more. 8.28.22 took the ferry to the rockaways yesterday. highlight: going under the verrazano bridge. 7.23.22 Nice to see people still here 6.11.22 Back in NYC .....

hang out

  • always looking to meet new people. let's hang out in the real life.
  • world@elliott.computer


  • https://mark-beasley.com/
  • https://piperhaywood.com/
  • https://eric.young.li/
  • https://nazli-ercan.com/
  • https://fireflysanctuary.today/
  • https://wesleyac.com/
  • https://gernenregalia.com/

place we could meet in real life

  • doris
  • verrazano bridge
  • manhattan bridge
  • 9/11 memorial
  • the coop

coding with rocks

  • https://youtu.be/gnuHHoeShus
  • https://www.instagram.com/p/B-xJN6AHSev