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http://nyc.phantomwifi.com, nyc

Hello, I'm the community manager here. let me know if you have any questions: elliott@phantomwifi.com *** Hey nyc, I'm looking for a new place april 1. let me know if you hear of anything. 🌼 *** I'm joining Laurel and Anna on a social media fast. I've installed a Firefox blocker called LeechBlock and I'm blocking twitter and instagram. I've logged out of twitter on my desktop/phone and deleted the ig app from my phone. Monday February 17, 2020 - First day of fasting. Feeling pretty alive. I have only tried to check twitter once out of habit but LeechBlock saved me. I went through all my email this morning, deleted/archived most of it, and responded to several projects that I was unsure about. It felt good to say no to many of them. To be honest, I want to be very picky about the projects I take on going forward. Building websites can be emotionally/creatively draining. I'd like to try some other form of client work. Laurel and I have been talking about starting an email newsletter design company, though emails are still pretty involved. My dream is to be paid to update one html page daily. Another dream is to be paid to work on Special Fish or another community website. If anyone knows of angel that wants to fund the fish get in touch. Thursday February 20, 2020 - I've started tweeting again over here: https://elliott.computer/www.txt

places to go 🐠 🍋 🎵

  • https://theprairieecologist.files.wordpress.com/2020/01/a-field-guide-to-roadside-wildflowers-at-full-speed_january2020-1.pdf
  • LeFrak Center (nyc)
  • Ford Foundation Center (nyc)
  • http://play.elliott.computer/

fasting fish

  • https://special.fish/laurel
  • https://special.fish/anna


  • A Bugs Life
  • Star Trek 2nd Gen

magic links

  • https://geocities.restorativland.org/Athens/Delphi/1573/
  • http://everythingthathappened.today/
  • http://bigleaf.fish
  • https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Unicode_equivalence

favorite applications

  • TextEdit
  • iMovie
  • Flux
  • MAMP

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