03.01.2020 Last day off. Back to the grind tomorrow, working remotely from offshore tomorrow. Time difference is a pain. 27.12.2020 Stuck, was planning to get back to the mainland. This seems very unlikely now, might be stuck here for a while. The only thing to do is go outdoors, but there is a storm and flooding. Corona, the storm, the stress. 10.12.2020 5 days have gone by since last updating. Christmas is soon. 80% are okay, 14% need health assistance, 6% need intensive care. Lock down is getting worse, shops will close, maybe more mask wearing. Got used to wearing a mask now, got used to my glasses steaming up, got used to quarantine. Flying soon, not used to flying anymore, not used to quarantine. 05.12.2020 Gamification is the name of the game. Feeling good today, way more energy than usual. Staying indoors because it is cold and there is a pandemic. Using https://apps.ankiweb.net a lot, great software. Trying to read too many books at once. 04.12.2020 Welcome. Now is the time to start vacuuming.

Most recent watercolour paintings

  • a green pear
  • the same green pair again


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  • Vimto
  • Beer
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  • Whisky

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