just saw that time traveler or whatever guidance stanchion for crowd control ΖΈΣœΖ·βœ” 3/26/23 my twitter account got hacked and support isn't helpful. they just send links to the same webform over and over. i wasn't using it very much but i've had that account for a long time. i was talking to travis about this yesterday. 4/20/20 had an awful night and then a rotten morning. felt so sad and out of control then went to work. looked at an apartment after work but it was horrible. r came home from her date and it's okay. sad/scary time period. bh --- 9/05/21 hanging out with white cat and black dog with cat ears. thinking about different life options. --- um 12/28/20 been spending many hours stuffing envelopes and boxes with a product that people enjoy. 85% --- 11/25/20 have been eating too many mints that make my mouth water. going to pick up a pie later. found my watch and started wearing it and it no longer seems oppressive. --- 11/10/20 just saw some different animals, including a red panda irl. --- 10/26/20 smoothed out a hat and then crunched it up without thinking. --- 10/04/20 i just got back. i just got back now i'm back. --- 9/10/20 |x| used a pilot razor point (red), bic ballpoint (red, blue, black, green), fanco quality memo book. learned about some different things. flossed part of my mouth. that's all. --- 9/11/20 |x| |x|

fake food

  • m&ms - spilled
  • chicken drumstick
  • drink - spilled
  • big fridge turkey (really strong plastic smell)


  • 101 silly summertime jokes
  • 101 school cafeteria jokes
  • 101 vacation jokes
  • 101 nature jokes
  • 101 pet jokes


  • gimme a break
  • the facts of life
  • ghostwriter


  • spinning washing machine
  • sleeping cats
  • spirring liquid
  • rescued baby seal
  • ibs treatment review


  • watch
  • water
  • mirror (i guess)
  • face
  • metal
  • glass
  • plastic

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