project wingman vs ac7 video dev log: this video's production was originally started by someone else! my friend ember bought me PW in late february and i played it around when march started. i had never played anything like it before, but how arcadey it was rly meshed with me and i really liked it! i actually didn't have any intentions of making a dedicated video when i played my first playthrough, but that changed a lot because of two things: as i played the game through, i realized i loved it and i wanted to use parts of it for *another video,* this one: where a line of dialogue from PW is basically the video's thesis. after i finished that, i played my totally legal copy of ace combat 7, and how much worse it was than an indie game largely made by one person angered me so much i had to make a video about it. it seemed like the perfect concept! you have the underdog australian (mostly) solo developer vs. an entire conglomerate of thousands of employees, and *the underdog made the better game!* and so, i played through project wingman again on a harder difficulty & all of ace combat 7. casually. after that, i whipped up an insanely long script - far longer than what the actual video contains - and the raw rip of that can be seen here if you're interested: the last third of the script ended up getting gutted and replaced with something else, which isn't unusual for my videos. i tend to get...carried away when writing scripts, and when in the editing phase i realize that a whole lot of it is unnecessary and just gets absolutely axed. I am sad that i cut the bit out about monarch being immune to the laws of physics, though. now it is sad, but it doesn't really bother me because these cuts are necessary for my videos to ever actually see the light of day. if i never did these sweeping changes during the editing phase, no one would ever watch my videos because they'd never get uploaded due to endless perfectionism. the editing phase for this video took so goddamn long, easily the longest out of any video i've ever made, except maybe the darkest dungeon video from late last year. the project file for this video ended up looking like an unspeakable horror, i had binged some max0r videos before starting the edit in earnest and...well, i learned my lesson to never do that again. max0r must actually spend several decades editing his videos and i have a little too much adhd for that to be viable. i decided to start the project really shortly after i released the first project wingman video. it took two weeks to play through both games multiple times, write and narrate the script, and then edit it all together. im really proud of the end result and plan to do it all over again with sifu...right now. have a good one. p.s. because i get to indulge in all my guilty pleasures on this platform, i also wrote some incredibly light fanfic /ns about PW here:

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