syd whitty

i am looking for friends so email me @! i don't know if i want to move to washington anymore

things i enjoy

  • taking pictures
  • meeting strange people
  • email
  • playing music
  • walking around at night
  • fixing old things

great songs (trust me)

  • st joseph's - the avett brothers
  • sukiyaki - kyu sakamoto
  • callan curran - untitled demo he sent me a few months ago (its called Through My Head evidently)
  • the young rascals - groovin'
  • uncle dave macon - railroading and gambling (hubby jenkins does a good version too)
  • groung - zabella panosian

rating of drinks, in order from best to least best

  • milk
  • the fuckin celestial seasonings raspberry zinger tea with 2-3 cubes of sugar
  • water
  • this tazo tea lemonade i used to make years ago (update had it again its not amazing)
  • arizona herbal tonic
  • jones soda (the berry lemonade kind)

list of cats on my street (in order of how often i see them)

  • "big money" - small calico, very sweet, probably previously domesticated, named differently by every child on my street
  • "cunt cat" - grey w/ white feet, VERY clingy and attention seeking, meows constantly
  • "coldcuts" - grey, VERY furry, quite timid yet very clingy. sat by my porch for like 3 hours last night meowing for me to come back out
  • "mall goth" - black cat with spiked collar, potentially goth?? owned by a house near me whose dog attacked me in 2022, super friendly nonetheless
  • "all star american breakfast slam" - blonde w/ white, won't come up to me
  • "theodore roosevelt" - caramel colored, looks like theodore roosevelt, only spotted once
  • "thiccums" - large as hell, very matted fur, orange and black SUPER NICE albeit rarely spotted
  • "cock face" - friendly enough, face unfortunately looks like a dick, no teeth
  • not yet named - black cat, looks like it has socks on, very timid, wont come to me yet
  • "cunt 2" - looks just like cunt 1 but is evidently not and lives further down the road, very scared