2024-05-23 School finished up last week with commencement. I also performed in a concert at a gallery in Chelsea, with Patrick. It's really nice to play with him. We have a good freeflowing improv style together. We're going to play one more show together this week before he heads back to Vienna next week. Last week I worked on a game (an old text resource management sim in the style of The Oregon Trail, just in text mind you). I presented it at WordHack. This week I worked a bit on my robot programming roguelike game (working title: Prog-like), and another game for a friend, something small. I was supposed to visit my parents but I got sick and my dad was sick. Maybe I caught something at commencement or at one of the parties or art openings over the weekend. Oh yeah, I should mention my work Pennslytucky opened in the Flux 30th anniversary exhibition that opened Saturday at Governor's Island. I made plans to travel to Berlin in June in a few weeks. I'm looking forward to it. Beyond that, I'm biking, working on some art projects, making things in Love2d and Pico-8, working on music, and waiting to hear on some grants and proposals I submitted to things.

latest music reading

  • Dub as an Act of Love https://dwellerforever.blog/2022/12/dub-as-an-act-of-love-an-interview-with-edward-george
  • Fourth World in the 21st Century https://ra.co/features/2984
  • Sounds of the Zomia, Sounds of Resistance: An Interview with Kink Gong https://www.popmatters.com/sounds-of-zomia-kink-gong-2608153653.html
  • Meet KMRU, the Ambient Musician With His Ear to the World https://pitchfork.com/features/rising/meet-kmru-the-ambient-musician-with-his-ear-to-the-world/
  • Field Recordings are Music, Material, and Method https://daily.bandcamp.com/lists/field-recordings-list

My websites

  • https://leetusman.com
  • https://artistsandhackers.org
  • https://ashgreyseafoam.com
  • http://faculty.purchase.edu/lee.tusman/
  • https://github.com/lee2sman
  • https://www.instagram.com/leetusman/
  • http://experimentalarchive.space
  • https://purch.us
  • https://mess.cafe
  • https://mess.life
  • https://leetusman.com/nosebook (my blog)
  • probably others

fave talks and tutorials videos

  • Patrick Michael Ballard at Processing Community Day, omg the best: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=00S9_sb2GQE
  • Joseph White talks about Pico-8 and Fantasy Consoles: https://youtu.be/87jfTIWosBw
  • Practical Procedural Generation for Everyone, by Kate Compton: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WumyfLEa6bU
  • Dwarf Fortress Creator Explains its Complexity & Origins: https://youtu.be/VAhHkJQ3KgY
  • VPRI-0857 Seymour Papert on Logo: Teaching https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZG9cYhekB8A

Recent bookmarks

  • https://brutalistwebsites.com/ Brutalist Websites, always an inspiration. (I'm on there with spam.cafe, RIP)
  • http://frogfind.com/ Search engine optimized to support ancient, slow computers
  • https://agraef.github.io/purr-data-intro/Purr-Data-Intro.html A tutorial to get started with Purr Data
  • https://nocss.club Websites without CSS
  • https://gemini.circumlunar.space/docs/faq.html Project Gemini FAQ (I really like reading gemini (b)logs!)
  • http://mewbies.com/acute_terminal_fun_telnet_public_servers_watch_star_wars_play_games_etc.htm fun in the terminal
  • https://itch.io/c/574927/the-hermits-club-all-solo-ttrpgs-and-larps-on-itchio solo ttrpg's. haven't tried it yet.
  • https://tokipona.org/ Toki Pona
  • https://nluqo.github.io/broughlike-tutorial/ JS "Broughlike" tutorial
  • https://www.photoxels.com/have-some-audacity-databend-your-images/ Databend your images with Audacity
  • https://www.nts.live/shows/youarelisteningto/episodes/youarelisteningto-27th-october-2018 you are listening.to the joy of painting

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