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SHITTY DIARY ENTRIES: CHAPTER 1: "Wheel of Fortune" Fall https://pastebin.com/auAh6ReU CHAPTER 2: "Nostalgia?" Winter https://pastebin.com/6fkxSaSa CHAPTER 3: "Changes" Spring https://pastebin.com/Nz4v4ANS CHAPTER 4: “The Summit” Summer https://pastebin.com/9dgB5B6f ------------------------------------------------------------------- CHAPTER 5: 10/29/22: It’s so interesting, aging into the discrimination pool. Kanye West, Ian VC, the FA movement. PAST LISTS: "Bad Rhymes For Good Times" (FQ 21): https://pastebin.com/yMj0uk3S

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  • give me a minute
  • five seconds flat
  • reputation
  • harry styles
  • after laughter
  • riot!
  • folklore variations
  • what could be better
  • concentrate
  • awfully apeelin'
  • woman on the internet

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