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log #1 5/29/2020 - 2/15/2021 log #2 10/14/2021 i never learned how to talk, so be patient with me ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ u know everything is a lot better when you listen to what you were listening to a few months ago and hate how it sounds ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ what i like about masks is that when im out and daydreaming nobody can see the giant smile on my face ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ grad schools still easy, but i dont like my ta class, i like the class im taing - and i like the class im taking very chill very cool. katies getting into special fish hopefully today? that's super exciting vp lost lol 10/06/2021 isn't it strange how someone can just come into your life all and become important to you in a small window? That's what makes life interesting. There is always a reason to be hopeful for the future. 10/04/2021 it's 1040am right now, everything is going really well im really excited. hopefully more good to come in the coming weeks :) i love special ifsh becasue i know nobody reads this so i can just type whatever anyways this girl ive been talking to is amazing omg - everytime were together it's actually intoxicating i dont understand how this works, ive genuinely never felt like this before. nice sweet girl, covered in tattoos- shes always busy but thats like the most attractive thing you could say. aaaaaaaa we might be studying together later today. im cing 100gecs on saturday w a couple of the homies from 102 and a kid i met here up in davis. everything is going great, better than i expected, but i didn't really expect anything i just knew it was going to work out. this goes beyond my expectations 10/01/2021 excited for what this month has to bring 9/24/2021 wow what a day 9/23/2021 really excited for the next few months. first few weeks were pretty hard. i met some really really genuine people and i can't stop thinking about them really glad i met them school started yesterday. TAing is fun, moreso than my classes, but i'll get back into it. 9/20/2021 we're all gonna make it, brah 9/9/2021 second day here not sure- weird to be back at school might have to go back to get my passport i want friends 8/15/2021 am i? 7/29/2021 I'm fine 7/13/2021 kill your ego find yourself 6/27/2021 lots of changes going to happen in a few months.. 5/4/2021 I think it was the first time I realized that I can change the world Or at least change the way you and my sister hit the clock on every tick just to see what happened The time has really flown by I guess and it's hard to think of the way it might've been or remember very specifically the words and all the rest of it I was down, more than I wanted to be probably That is what we do with it all together, like the orange trees in the backyard and it's easter and it just won't end 4/19/2021 commited 2 davis today :) still waiting on ucsb and usc but idk idk i wanted to apply to housing for davis if i get it (#12 on waitlist) ill b living w 3 other graduate students (if i go to davis) kinda exciting! worknig is hard :/ but its vibes what else aeropress is so much fun woohoo 4/15/2021 goo PXE sublime twin fantasy? i dont full understan this album only heard it for the first time this week etc etc legalizek 4/10/2021 i will get into ucsd 4/6/2021 my baratza grinder came in today, will be making even more coffee than I have been recently... My kettle should probably arrive this week? I'm not actually sure when it will come, but I am excited for it... Merged two pull requests today :) Gonna wake up early tomorrow for the Acne Archive, then after that I plan on just starting work whenever i'm done with the archive, so probably around 7:30am???? Want to merge 2 more things tomorrow, one is already 90% done and I have a really good idea as to what I need to do for the other one... Trying my best :P UCDavis is most likely where i'll end up for my MS CS.. Other schools I am waiting on are UCSB, UCSD, UCLA, USC I think I have a chance at USC and UCSB, but UCSD and UCLA are basically near none. Not really expecting USC or UCSB though... So go Aggies! They have their own campus beer? Really interesting looking forward to going there in the fall.... But for now I just want to become a better software engineer, and do well at this company :) Still don't know what I plan on doing w/ the money earned be it save, use during my MS, save 4 house speedrun, or just buy a miata or some other stupid car. Realistically I think i'll just save it and use it during my MS... Have been listening to a lot of shoegaze recently, I think this genre has overtaken the grateful dead in terms of casual listening because it fills the same musical itch when just trying to relax, and it's also really good for intensive listens as well.. mmr 25xx 4/5/2021 nvm i got into uci and ucdavis, not sulking anymore- life is good need to work harder but all is good oh and im rlly into coffee now and i got an xbox 3/22/2021 finished my undergrad, don't really care because i don't know why actually. Started my internship today, great company i'm looking forward to it a lot. really just disappointed and tired with graduate school admissions all of my friends that applied to our undergrad for grad got in but me, not sure what my profile was lacking, not getting into other schools either hopfully i'll get lucky and get in somewhere else. lots of stuff happening but i'm stuck dwelling on this :/ mmr 2570 3/10/2021 having a very decent week, my friend went to a lake/river/body of water now i want to go to a lake/river/body of water because that sounds very peaceful and relaxing. I also made a funny tiktok, it wasn't appreciated as much as i had hoped. 3/09/2021 pls someone email me 3/4/2021 Excited less than a fortnight away from finishing my undergrad! And a week after that I'll start a nice wfh job! New striped shirt coming in the mail tomorrow, as well as a couple of cassettes on monday. mmr 27xx


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