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9/8/2020 it's been a minute since I came on here... Studying for the GRE rn, need to ask professor for letters of recommendation. Really missing Santa Cruz RN. Would kill to go to a forest party. Besides that been kind of vibing;;; made a lot of money at work, (retired now), school resumes Oct1st. Hopfully I go somewhere cool for grad school. My GRE scores are currently a tossup no idea what I will get, but yolo. will probably drink tonight pink whitney or maybe just regular vodka. Getting the travis scott burger meal from mcdonalds for dinner. I have a stick shift car now, havnt had any time to drive it, its also 2 hot and the seats are leather so the car is basically unusable RN. Went on a 5 mile hike today, and also went to the dentist to get my teeth cleaned. 7/5/2020 made a budget for the week. Hopfully I can stick to it. Had my first week of work, then I had an entire week off thanks to 4th of july week :) got paid spent $225 on an outfit, saw my girlfriend, went on adventures; all around not a bad two weeks Tomorrow I start my second week of work, will try to get chic-fil-a for lunch tomorrow if time allows for it...trying to spend $150 as an upper limit this week. 6/17/2020 I have a headache, but it's probably going to be ok.... Will drink plenty of water need to shower later today as well! Found out I got all As this quarter :) Tomorrow I'm going to get iced coffee and maybe a donut and pizza pie! 6/12/2020 Got a last-minute summer internship! really excited! They subsidize food and the cafeteria looks very yummy... Decent pay as well! 5/31/2020 today i broke social distancing rules but i don't really mind.. quiz 4 tomorrow. . . it's 6:37 pm and i have yet to study 5/30/2020 listening to Habit-Snail Mail my @cat girlfriend has three surprises for me and she wont tell me and I am upset about it!!!!~! woke up late.. Pretty tired, but excited to see where the weekend takes me! I need to study for my cse102 quiz 4 this weekend but besides that I don't have any work 5/29/2020 Glad it's friday!


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