radio silence log #1 5/29/2020 - 2/15/2021 log #2 3/4/2021 - 11/06/2021 log #3 11/10/2021 - 3/0~/2022 log #4 09.27.22 .................................................. 09.15.2022 ~ that one we all want to be heard some of us more than others some of us don't realize that we want to be heard some of us havn't experienced being heard 06.02.2022 ~ wheel of fortune Thursday afternoon, fan on full blast, trying my best to get some work done, does it really matter? kind of not You came here to learn, they didn't really teach you what you we're looking for So you learn something else. I'd say it went well. 05.24.2022 ~ overheard 1: macOS is when Linux is good 2: well, Unix 3: Uhm BSD actually 🤓 05.06.2022 you stood with me as i broke as i grew as we danced as we laughed it does not get easier they say but it does 05.04.2022 ~ summer rain the rain dried up there's no black and white there's hope to see it's what you said last night 04.29.2022 ~ ? this site fell off w the redesign, the log editor should have stayed a separate tab, now I can't see my html art. 04.10.2022 ~ I feel it come into the light come over keep it within you continue come closer, come closer a moment 03.15.2022 there are so many things we see every day but never look at, aren't there? or look at every day but never see 03.15.2022 ~ Phoenix I miss Jerry 03.13.2022 ~ Make hell out of what you can see just another Sunday going by. Final tomorrow. This quarter went by a lot smoother than previously. Didn't stay up till 6 am working on a paper. Good for me. I type this at 9:46pm sipping a coffee, so that might not necessarily hold true in a few hours. I've been thinking a lot about the future recently, and how despite being scary, I'm really looking forward to it. Nothing like going headfirst into your biggest fear - the unknown. life is weird, huh. one day you're thinking about the stars and a few months later you're with them.


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