some of my fav writings (that i wrote) 2020 "when did you fall out of love with me, was it when i showed you my nightmares, the ones were i ended up crying and shaking? was it when i couldn't control my fears? or when i couldn't let you touch me?" 2019 "i feel the hollow in my chest when i see you leave every damn time you turn your back softly like it was the first time and i sigh even deeper than the last time" 2016 "a tristeza e a solidão chegam e esmagam qualquer esperança de que vou te lembrar para sempre."

songs i like

  • cotton hollow - brockhampton
  • 스토커 stalker - 10cm
  • home is far away - epik high

gabri' stuff

  • • i love drinking beer and coffee
  • • i draw and paint since i was a little kid but now i'm just a frustrated girl that can't see herself as an artist
  • • i love cats idk why probably bc i'm an introvert
  • • i like tattooing myself.. it's like carrying my regrets in my own skin
  • • i like yoga (i just try simple positions.. trying to stay healthy)
  • • i love hxh. killua is MY baby !



  • march 13th 2016 - my cat passed away
  • march 14th 2020 - my grandma did too