how other people perceive me

  • "... I can see you have a web presence. I like your spirit very much."
  • My maternal grandmother used a phrase to describe me but I did not understand it. She explained by comparing me to an apple's flesh—firm.
  • A significant number of people have described me as quiet to my face, and probably even more in my absence.
  • My sibling said I bring mirth to our family.
  • Upon declining my application, some interviewers in the advertising industry described me as apathetic or hesitant.
  • Bodega man guessed I was ten years my junior.
  • "You are my black hole and my supernova."
  • "... doesn't make a lot of facial expressions..." "resting ##### face" "why don't you smile more, like [person]?"
  • Two people in two different times of my life admired the way I walk.

things I lost and miss

  • size L forest green GrowNYC compost t-shirt
  • hyperrealistic hallabong orange segment [edit: FOUND]
  • sandy liang dress [edit: FOUND]