2024.02.07 folks have been fixing and drilling the street i live on since 9am. it definitely got on my nerves but my cat has been calm throughout the day. wish i could be like her more. 2023.10.10 i'm enjoying the weather. wish i was somewhere upstate hiking and listening to love songs.

facts about me

  • i only have 3 bottom incisors because two of them merged
  • i used to work in the reptiles section in singapore zoo
  • i don't know how to pronounce my last name

next up

  • korea
  • peru
  • switzerland

2023 october goals

  • be more sure of who i am and my worth
  • come out of my shell & love more
  • eat well; exercise

2023 september goals

  • make websites (yes)
  • heal my foot injury (90% there)
  • downsize wardrobe (wip)

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