=================today================= [23.07-18] went on a date with someone who was, quite clearly, still reeling from an emotionally devastating breakup but who wound up taking that out on me in the most banal, passive, yet cruel way possible. i hope she finds peace. i have been reading and watching movies not going to parties, writing in my journal, going on dates, etc. the air outside is poisonous and leaden with moisture and we're all exhausted at the end of each day, whether we spent it swimming thru the environment or shel- tering indoors. ==============where i am=============== 06.01 - ????: NYC fellowship, dates, fixing brain 01.01 - 05.31: NYC recording kklpii, learning to DJ 04.22 - 12.31: NYC music, work, life, D*sney 04.12 - 04.24: [TOUR] w Pinegrove 03.24 - 04.10: [NEW YORK] writing, hanging, interviewing 03.18 - 03.23: [TOUR] (managing) w Horsegirl 03.13 - 03.18: [AUSTIN] for SXSW 02.25 - 03.12: [TOUR] w Sun June 02.10 - 02.24: [TOUR] w Fenne Lily, illuminati hotties 01.23 - 02.09: [NASHVILLE] rehearsing, recording 01.01 - 01.22: [NEW YORK] writing, small hangs, omicron ====things that have happened to me==== [23.01-21] i and several of my best friends got to have a hands-on experience with the archive of Arthur Russell thanks to the New York Public Library for the Performing Arts. one week later, i return with one of those colleagues and we get to listen to session tapes. we hear unreleased songs, alternate versions, overdubs, etc. there is a song about a slug. there is a song about not being sad. [22.04-28]W*ll B*tler's wife (name of J*lie) tried to hook me up w/ her friend until she asked me my age. But she then affirmed my suspicion that ppl like me move to NYC mainly so their mid-twenties last 10 years [22.04-27]Chr*s Sm*lls, B*zos' public enemy #1, pulls me aside for a hug at Baby's All Right and we go to the ur- inals together. He gives me his number and I invite him to the fundraiser


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