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May 8th, 2021: i am feeling lots of emotions right now so i am going to write poetry i think. nevermind i cant write our song came on. i called him all night he told me that we were the closest out of anyone that made me feel good i hope hes not lying May 5th, 2021: dad is mad at me for not recording demos i dont care my creative process is my creative process i will tap on my silly little .txt file until i cant anymore and he cant speed me up ~~~ i told you that ive been getting frustrated a lot lately you told me that it was a teenager thing youre only a year older than me i dont like it when you act like that May 3rd, 2021: mom gave me a really bad haircut it is really bad my bangs are too short and you can see my eyebrows he says he likes it though he says he likes me no matter my hair that made me feel better May 1st, 2021: i tried to do something nice yesterday why are people so mean April 30th, 2021: i havent written poetry in months. that's a good thing ~~~ i still feel green not much has changed other than, you know, everything ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ June 22nd, 2020: today i feel green yet the color shown stays purple purple isn't that bad.

thoughts thinking about thinking thoughts

  • ive been painting a lot more recently. theres paint on my pants and on my shirt and on my sheets and on my wall
  • rainy mondays is a good song title i should use that
  • they/them. pronouns are they/them. i am real and i exist !
  • email me email me email me lets be friends
  • i have been working on a mural for a few months now. i just finished my 45th album cover and that is wild! i only have 9 more to go and i am done done done done no more paint :(


  • ive been writing music a lot more lately as well. writing an album
  • listen to car seat headrest they are very good

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