maude maude, void

aug 2021: ive moved most of my blogging to my actual blog now special fish is still very calming though anyone who's still here i think feels the same way i think thats why i appreciate it here so much [another month has passed yet im still here]

thoughts thinking about thinking thoughts

  • there is paint everywhere constantly all the time
  • getting glasses and i dont think anyone understands how badly i wanted them


  • albums are hard to make
  • listen to car seat headrest they are very good
  • bye - starry cat
  • famous prophets (stars) - car seat headrest obviously
  • not allowed and also cigarettes out the window byyyyy - tv girl

things that make me really happy

  • looking at my record collection
  • message notifications
  • finished mural :)
  • egg sandwich w/ spinach and a runny yolk... ive got it down to a science
  • seeing my guitar stood up in the corner
  • my disco ball

lets chat

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  • lets chat

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