together forever, never to part

04-18-2024 ========== eating: nothing drinking: mandarin water reading: guns of the tawantinsuya listening: a variety of things watching: lyrical nanoha (season 2) i finished the first episode of nanoha aces after studying on my japanese textbook for a bit. so many things happened in this episode, yet it all flowed so well - cold opening and fate looking at nanoha's cds in her room give me so many feelings it's unreal. fuck that reminds me to finish writing that long overdue fate testarossa essay. i'll definitely add that one scene from this episode in at the very end just for continuity. loving the new characters too! especially how imposing vita seems to be even though i know she'll get the worf effect. and hayate... she's so moe. also probably a better rep for people with physical disabilities than you think. i mean i'm able-bodied myself so i can't really be a judge when it comes to that but i like what i've seen of her and how her situation seems to be going like is interesting too i guess... i think knowing as much of what's going on as i can is probably a side effect of how i'm starting to take japanese learning more seriously as well, these words and language knowledge stay in your head the more often you use them. ...i say this while journaling in english, but whatever. you might be able to see a japanese entry very soon. Very Soon(tm). i dunno i'm not good with that kinda stuff.

things i like

  • parappa the rapper
  • manga time kirara, esp. kaduho and kiyuduki satoko
  • music
  • computing
  • conspiracy theories
  • wasting my time
  • cute anime girls
  • dying inside
  • sleeping

stories i will never write

  • Antithesis of Time and Space (sci-fi/fantasy?)
  • Death of an Ego (short original story)
  • Whenever You're Lonely (the angel!parappa x reader i lost the text for back in 2022)
  • GA: Geijutsuka Art Design Class: Second Year (fanfic)
  • Game Theory (Pokemon B2W2 nuzlocke comic)
  • Common Era (sci-fi conspiracy)
  • Player None Start (playstation allstars battle royale 2)
  • the complete The World is in Your Hands (parappa fanfic i started in 2022)
  • book about parappa the rapper
  • autobiography
  • Magical Girl Rendezvous