<hugs> recently cooked/made/brewed . . . ❊ canned soup ❊ matcha with oat milk ❊ hard boiled eggs topped with red pepper sauce and cumin seeds ❊ gluten-free toast ❊ avocado and cucumber salad ❊ sautéed green beans with garlic ❊ barley tea ❊ amazing fava bean dish with my friend ❊ shakshuka with boiled potatoes ❊ ceylon tea with cloves ❊ rice + lentil dish that blew my mind ❊ coffee with collagen and butter next up . . . ❀ shiro wat ❀ aush reshteh ❀ tiramisu ❀ clay smoothie ❀ something with sweet potatoes

yes/no reviews

  • trader joe's red pepper spread: yes
  • wonderful pistachos chili roasted flavor: yes
  • dunkin gingerbread latte with oat milk: no
  • ikea frozen veggie balls: yes but defrost before baking
  • diptyque do son shower oil: no
  • los angeles apparel jelly flats: yes very comfy
  • floravital liquid iron + herbs: yes
  • mitchum bamboo powder deodorant: no
  • dr dennis gross alpha beta facial peel: yes
  • lancome juicy tubes: yes and no, more definite yes if discounted
  • hippeas vegan white cheddar snack: no
  • in-n-out coffee: yes but must add cream and sugar

eventual shopping list

  • snow boots
  • coffin shaped acrylics
  • a different floor lamp
  • crochet hook and yarn
  • whey to go

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