Stockholm, πŸ‡ΈπŸ‡ͺ

================================== PROFESSIONAL LINK COWBOY MY CV https://pinboard.in/u:mikael/ ================================== Stop all the downloadin', turn off ICQ, Prevent the paperclip from offering to help you, Silence RealPlayer, and with CRT hum Bring out the coffin, let the mourners come. Let banner ads flash moaning overhead popping under messages that It is Dead. Put black bows round the neck of a dancing hamster, Sob for "mic in track," share it on Napster. It was my journal, my rant, my chat and bulletin board My webring and my Top Website award, My slashfic, my webshrine, my MIDI song; I thought my page would last forever: I was wrong. Our sites are not wanted; delete every 'zine, Send the data off to the Wayback Machine. Our time has passed, we're no longer needed, And our bandwidth now is forever exceeded. ================================== LIST OF SWEDISH FISH MENTION ME TO BE ADDED ================================== @erikstarck @lina @bitbo @eriq @junkdata @joakim @chizra @fjallstrom @manpet ================================== LOG ================================== 2020-06-25 Still no time for internets, we're moving! 2020-06-19 A day by the lake. Slept two hours in the hammock. She likes water as much as me. I need a threadless stem for the Nitto RM-013, The 50 mm, 35 degree High Charisma stem in silver would probably be a good idea. 2020-06-14 Late night bike ride to the lake. Tell me something in Swedish @eli πŸ˜€ 2020-06-13 Even more things in boxes. Woke up in early in morning with a great idea. I started searxing and found this https://gps.verkis.is/. I have a more net.artsy fartsy take on this. 2020-06-12 @kicks called my links an "impressive collection" β€” and I'm not even a true link cowboy! Less important notes… We've packed our home. Things, except the thing I'm currently typing on (and a few other things), are in boxes. You need this in your life: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/clearurls/ Let's call it a weekend! 2020-06-11 https://espanso.org/ replaced https://textexpander.com/ and I'm fast with dates and signatures again. 2020-06-10 Sun sets at 10 PM, but it's never really dark. I walk at night. Dear @elliot I want to be able to mention people in lists, not possible now. @eriq is here now! @fjallstrom You must be the earth people guy? The future is forever and always lunarized! http://www.angelfire.com/indie/lunarizer/ 2020-06-09 Special fish is a delicious dish. Wondering how @upinthisbrain created a slideshow section. Plz tell! Today I want to crackle paint. Like so: https://s7169.pcdn.co/wp-content/uploads/2015/07/Imshi-Road-Di2_24.jpg

πŸ•Έ Posts to Fan the Flames of the Web β€” Part 1 πŸ•Έ

  • β€’ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Personal_web_page
  • β€’ https://hedgehogreview.com/issues/the-human-and-the-digital/articles/tending-the-digital-commons
  • β€’ https://thecreativeindependent.com/people/laurel-schwulst-my-website-is-a-shifting-house-next-to-a-river-of-knowledge-what-could-yours-be/
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  • β€’ https://www.normadesign.it/log/web-design-allorigine-del-web

πŸ•Έ Posts to Fan the Flames of the Web β€” Part 2 πŸ•Έ

  • β€’ https://neustadt.fr/essays/the-small-web/
  • β€’ https://jarredsumner.com/codeblog/
  • β€’ https://thewebthatwas.net/
  • β€’ https://e.elliott.computer/exploring-the-vastness-of-a-website/
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  • β€’ https://motherboard.vice.com/en_us/article/vbanny/we-should-replace-facebook-with-personal-websites

πŸ•Έ Posts to Fan the Flames of the Web β€” Part 3 πŸ•Έ

  • http://www.rebeccablood.net/bloggerson/davidweinberger.html
  • https://stackingthebricks.com/how-blogs-broke-the-web/
  • https://www.filfre.net/2017/10/a-net-before-the-web-part-1-the-establishment-man-and-the-magnificent-rogue/

πŸ’» Devices πŸ’»

  • βŒ“ MacBook Air (11-inch, Early 2015) with 2,2 GHz Intel Core i7 and 8 GB RAM running macOS Mojave
  • ⎊ Acer Predator G9 running Windows 10 LTSC
  • βš™οΈŽ Motorola Moto G7 Plus running Lineage OS 17.1

πŸ•Ή Favorite games πŸ•Ή

  • β€’ Quake I
  • β€’ BZFlag
  • β€’ Quake III
  • β€’ Doom II

🌹 𝔑𝔒𝔳𝔒𝔯 𝔣𝔬𝔯𝔀𝔒𝔱 🌹

  • https://i.imgur.com/ZbQ6dZU.jpg
  • https://i.imgur.com/m2vNRkv.jpg
  • https://i.imgur.com/7utz6y6.jpg

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