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aug 6th 2020: went to technobastun last saturday to mark the end of my vacation. was barely able to wake up to weekly team meeting on monday morning. gradually came to the realization i had another week ok vacation left, which was interesting. a bonus week. vacation from the vacation. not bad. july 27 2020: made nothing today, which is unusual. am off work this week and wanted to try to "not do anything". can't say i liked it much. if i can choose between manic flow state working on a bite size project - or do nothing, i def go with the first. feels good having noticed this, so can cater to my own needs better. july 12 2020: decided to let go of my worthless wordpress site and just use this page instead. i want to love special fish, so i have to commit a little. btw i got a mention from @mikael, which was great fun. hey hey. do i know you? first post. sometime in may: i put my feet into the lake this morning. my pug did the same. it was glorious. recommended.

current opinions

  • vacation is weird and nice
  • my corgi is fantastic
  • maybe it was me all along
  • deciding when to work from home is awesome
  • shiba inu could be a contender for pet


  • brian eno - an ending (ascent)
  • bibio - curls
  • roy of the ravers - emotinium

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