quarantine day 6 of 14: family thanksgiving call was nicer than expected :) quarantine day 5 of 14: set up my e-reader again, broke some drm. read the first essay in Trick Mirror, it's very good. quarantine day 4 of 14: it rained for the first time since i've been here! quarantine day 3 of 14: new weird snack: licorice watermelon seeds. very tasty, but the texture isn't great quarantine day 2 of 14: today's breakfast was called a "quiche", but it was really more of a crepe. delicious all the same. quarantine day 1 of 14: i ordered a wide variety of unhealthy snacks. most delicious so far are the "oreo wafer rolls" quarantine day 0 of 14: the hotel room is very small, but plenty comfy, especially after my long flight. outside my window, i can see two men attempting to repair the door on a silver van. worried that i'm going to fall into the pathology of feeling like i need to be constantly producing things, now that i don't have a job. ✉ @syx are those numbers from MHTRTC? i love that album :) ✉ @kirsten - a complicated question! — NYC feels most like "home", but i just moved from san francisco to taipei this morning. i'm hoping to settle in to taipei for a while, but it's definitely not home yet. ~~~ they/them

a (incomplete) list of good things

  • bicycles
  • hugs
  • murals
  • mountains
  • people who used to be strangers
  • the space between sleeping and waking

injuries from friday night skate

  • sprained + scraped wrist
  • scraped knee
  • cut lip
  • scraped forearm
  • banged head

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me, elsewhere

  • https://glit.sh/~wesleyac/thoughts/
  • https://notebook.wesleyac.com/
  • https://emotional.codes

reasons to move to taiwan

  • no coronavirus
  • national healthcare
  • big city and nature all right next to each other
  • really low cost of living
  • functioning democracy
  • big electronics markets and local pcb fabs
  • there's a bike loop around the entire island
  • it's not a police state
  • tasty and cheap food

reasons not to move to taiwan

  • almost all my friends are on the other side of the world
  • i'd probably have to quit my job
  • i don't speak mandarin
  • imminent threat of military invasion
  • all of the most fun drugs are illegal
  • typhoons seem no fun

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