only raises more questions ~~~ they/them

a (incomplete) list of good things

  • bicycles
  • hugs
  • murals
  • mountains
  • people who used to be strangers
  • the space between sleeping and waking

sounds of taipei

  • garbage truck song
  • familymart door opening jingle
  • train arriving music
  • train door closing sound
  • two-tone siren

good websites

  • https://billwurtz.com/questions/questions.html
  • https://your-personal.cloud/
  • http://thispersonexists.net/

things i've seen at da'an forest park

  • a woman feeding a lonely pigeon
  • an old man practicing the saxophone
  • a few people pointing at a squirrel and excaliming loudly, as the squirrel squeaked back
  • a parrot flying around and saying hello from various perches

ask me a question!

  • https://glit.sh/~wesleyac/ask/

injuries from friday night skate

  • sprained + scraped wrist
  • scraped knee
  • cut lip
  • scraped forearm
  • banged head

me, elsewhere

  • https://glit.sh/~wesleyac/thoughts/
  • https://notebook.wesleyac.com/
  • https://emotional.codes
  • https://list.wesleyac.com

tell me that you have a crush on me

  • me@wesleyac.com

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