im your only friend im not your only friend but im a little glowing friend but really im not actually your friend but i am ~~~ they/them

a (incomplete) list of good things

  • bicycles
  • hugs
  • murals
  • mountains
  • people who used to be strangers
  • the space between sleeping and waking

me, elsewhere

  • https://glit.sh/~wesleyac/thoughts/
  • https://notebook.wesleyac.com/
  • https://emotional.codes

things i want to get better at

  • throwing away food as soon as it starts to go bad
  • following through with things
  • responding to messages

recent books

  • Writing Tools
  • A Pattern Language
  • Seeing Like a State
  • Energy and Civilization
  • Notes on the Synthesis of Form
  • A People's History of the United States

recent internet searches

  • parasocial relationship
  • multi-stakeholder coop lawyer
  • NIR-Red-Green
  • imperial thread sizes
  • united states geothermal gradient
  • cult election salmonella
  • corexy
  • guang hua digital plaza
  • whalefall

good albums

  • come out. you're hiding — flor
  • Happy To Be Here — Barrie
  • Music Has The Right To Children — Boards of Canada
  • Pretty. Odd. — Panic! at the Disco
  • Apollo 18 — They Might Be Giants

fun two-person body activities

  • lick each others tongues
  • that thing where you touch your hands together then move your fingers along both hands and it confuses your brain and feels really weird
  • pick each others noses
  • foot high-fives
  • kiss the other person's cheek and then they push on your mouth with their tongue from inside their cheek

reasons to move to taiwan

  • no coronavirus
  • national healthcare
  • big city and nature all right next to each other
  • really low cost of living
  • functioning democracy
  • big electronics markets and local pcb fabs
  • there's a bike loop around the entire island
  • it's not a police state
  • tasty and cheap food

reasons not to move to taiwan

  • almost all my friends are on the other side of the world
  • i'd probably have to quit my job
  • i don't speak mandarin
  • imminent threat of military invasion
  • all of the most fun drugs are illegal
  • typhoons seem no fun

tell me that you have a crush on me

  • me@wesleyac.com

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