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Please send me any old voice memos you have on your phone. Music, ambience, grocery lists, phone calls, etc. I'd love to hear them and to have the chance to turn them into ambient music. Thanks! ------------ Notes _____________ <b>December 31st, 2020</b> I find there's too much pressure to create good art. I am bad at art. I like making art. Sometimes I feel too overwhelmed by the pressure of making sure my art is good to make art at all. I have made good art by accident before, and I know I have it in me. I am glued in place by the fear that comes with wondering if this art will be as good as my last art. But what is the point of good art? I think good art's main function is to impress people, while bad art is purely expressionistic. These two things can exist in a venn diagram, as I'm sure there is overlap, but once you're overly concerned with the aesthetics things tend to lose feeling. Today I will make bad art. I will stretch, take a shower, and make art. My only goals.

role play - it's the 70s and I'm taking you to a festival

  • Roxy Music -
  • Bowie -
  • Johnathan Richman -
  • Dolly -
  • The Band -

music for nice people:

  • winter slug music --
  • papa schaef's songs to make your plants grow tall and your dreams come true --
  • slug ashtray mix --
  • local-ish bands (toronto) --
  • music from the homeland --
  • witch music for witches --
  • & more on spoofy for you to explore if you want to be my friend

youtube music:

  • - Spanish Afternoon with the Fam
  • - John Cale & Brian Eno
  • - Mod Synth Chaos
  • - Favourite Japanese 80s Album
  • - Claire De Lune on Modular Synth

special things that fill my heart holes:

  • - the most peaceful place
  • - the most warming & hopeful chat on music/creativity
  • - crying in parks and smiling at people who look at me. crying is okay, i am okay. i just need a little break right now.
  • - quiet during the afternoon
  • - Vagabond by Agnes Varda (Movie)
  • - All About Love by Bell Hooks (Book)
  • - Bluets by Maggie Nelson (Book)

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