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HI! My pride and joy are my playlists, feel free to explore. I want to share music with everyone! Scroll down a little. -- -- :-) -- Please send me any old voice memos you have on your phone. Music, ambience, grocery lists, phone calls, etc. I'd love to hear them and to have the chance to turn them into ambient music. Thanks! -----------*poem*_____________ the maple dripped from the cut to the ground below a trickle of sweet sap on the february snow -----------personal*reminders_____________ - Whenever somebody is treating you poorly, it is a projection of their own insecurities -- focus on your tasks and actively determine "me problems" and "you problems" --- trying to solve peoples problems for them is patronizing and takes away their control over the situation ---- never offer advice when it is not asked for, instead ask questions about what the person needs to solve the situation - form horizontal relationships opposed to vertical ones; relationships are like canoes not ladders -- to respect somebody because of their position or age is to enter into an imbalanced power dynamic, view them for their character instead --- nobody is a higher or lower rung on the ladder than you. There is no ladder, stop putting yourself below people. - to make progress in anything you have to do things that are uncomfortable and will likely result in failure. -- you can always try again, and then you will know the reasons you failed and can work to fix those - to get better at anything you have to get better at failing, fail better and more often, you will be less scared of failure and it will mean less -- fear is what holds you back. you must have the courage to fail. as long as you try you have done better than the you who had never started. - do everything fully and honestly. give every person and project your whole heart. the reward is worth the risk. -- when you have a wall up or a foot out the door you're the one who loses because you're never fully invested. --- nothing feels better than knowing you tried. I'd rather fail having poured my heart into it than fail regretting not having tried harder. - Happiness is presence. Desire is setting expectations for yourself with the assumption that once you achieve these things you will be happy. -- Once you attain your desires, you realize that you wasted the journey being detached from the present, only looking forward. --- Continue being present and good things will come naturally. Put good energy into the world and you'll reap the rewards. Like planting seeds in soil.

special things that fill my heart holes:

  • - the most peaceful place
  • - the most warming & hopeful chat on music/creativity
  • - crying in parks and smiling at people who look at me. crying is okay, i am okay. i just need a little break right now.
  • - quiet during the afternoon
  • - Vagabond by Agnes Varda (Movie)
  • - All About Love by Bell Hooks (Book)
  • - Bluets by Maggie Nelson (Book)
  • - Chourus of Mushrooms - Hiromi Goto

music for nice people:

  • (upbeat, new releases, 90s alternative) -- current work in progress summer playlist -
  • (world music, warm, calm) , groovy) -- papa schaef's songs to make your plants grow tall and your dreams come true --
  • (deep cuts, genre exploration, taste expansion) -- slug growth potion --
  • (hip-hop, current, upbeat, smooth) -- slug ashtray mix --
  • (toronto) -- local-ish bands --
  • (french, italian, portuguese, spanish) -- music from the homeland --
  • (for witches) -- witch music for witches --
  • & more on spoofy for you to explore if you want to be my friend

i thought this was cute

  • libra sun
  • scorpio rising
  • cancer moon

youtube music:

  • - Spanish Afternoon with the Fam
  • - John Cale & Brian Eno
  • - Mod Synth Chaos
  • - Dance With Me by Deux
  • - Claire De Lune on Modular Synth

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