the coast

S\he/r Shor\t/er/m\emory 20:31 11.23.2020 Feeling good. Feeling sore. Feeling soft, secure and not too unsure. Feeling needed, wanted but desperate. Feeling rested but inconsistent. Feeling thoughtful and concerned. Feeling responsible and intimidating or overpowering or maybe confident. Feeling bubbly and mushy. Feeling like I might know what I am doing. Wishing for a reply back from the void. Avoiding expectations. Thinking about the past. Looking forward to whatever happens next.

Things that have been said/sent to me this month: November

  • "I didn't tell you? You have to keep the car running when you fill it up with gas. It should be fine as long as you aren't smoking"
  • "winter curls and tits is better than cookies n milk"
  • "You're a neighborhood celebrity"
  • "It seems like you are naturally looking for a 'proper relationship' perhaps balancing all that life can offer including love, sex and kink?"
  • "It's a weird feeling for me, does it make you feel like you have some power over me?"
  • "I was just thinking about what your life would be like as a screenplay"
  • "Why did you disappear?"
  • "I want to know what you like and don't like"

I miss~

  • Impressing people with my handshake
  • Concerts
  • Hanging out in the library
  • You
  • Tootsie rolls
  • Sex


  • http://letterstocrushes.com/

Good kissers

  • The angsty feild hockey player
  • The illustrating farmer
  • The bmx biker with the broken ankle from skating
  • The edgy performance artist
  • The hitchhiker from kroger
  • The train hopping historian
  • The chess teacher
  • The poetic transfer student
  • The neighbor that doesn't wear shoes

Neighborhood crushes

  • The cabinet maker
  • The graphic designer
  • The soccer coach
  • The biker babe

Songs my grandma use to sing

  • Chocolate Ice Cream Cone~ Rose Maddox
  • Me and Bobby McGee~ Janis Joplin
  • Hey, Good Lookin'~ Hank Williams and the Drifting Cowboys
  • You Never Even Called Me By My Name~ David Allan Coe

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