under your nose

29/11/20 where did the day go? how does this keep happening?? is this adulthood??? 28/11/20 nude in the kitchen salt thrown over the shoulder towel on the floor 27/11/20 synchronicity "paranoid pedestrians" alone together 26/11/20 turn it upside down then maybe it'll be clear this shit is backwards 25/11/20 put pen to paper summon a friend's energy lessen loneliness 24/11/20 unmedicated executive functioning flies out the window 23/11/20 thank you no thank you no worries no problem please take care of yourself 22/11/20 soft- ripe- & juicy- our fruits tenderly consumed punctuate seasons 21/11/20 daily practice is humbling and strengthening; it gets easier. 20/11/20 SO FUCKING "GRATEFUL" TO HAVE A JOB "IN MY FIELD" GRATEFUL TO DO "ART" 19/11/20 existential dread: self-imposed, over-exposed, seeking hidey-hole. 18/11/20 just did some research... this structure is but a myth!!! yet- provides support ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 17/11/20 online therapy allows room for verbal growth (squirms go unnoticed) 16/11/20 time moves incessantly, impending doom moves closer one day at a time. 15/11/20 sow: anxiety mulch: apathy, inaction harvest: crops of guilt 14/11/20 you know what?! drunk texts are just not cute anymore— neither are they hot. 13/11/20 friday the thirteenth ain't got nothin on me now (but I'm out of milk) 12/11/20 dew drips down slate rooves as moss considers growing and night turns to day 11/11/20 "give yourself a break..." "& no more falling in love..." maybe tomorrow. 10/11/20 momentarily: consider this instant a future memory 9/11/20 new internet friends send their love by teaching me Norwegian knitting 8/11/20 shout into the void! ring the bells! call your mother! sleep well, my darling! 7/11/20 know that life goes on whether or not you're living. make the most of it 6/11/20 make friendship bracelets especially when lonely as a reminder 5/11/20 sober for five months- what a five months it has been not under a rock

words to avoid

  • only
  • never

addictions to reckon with

  • sugar
  • caffeine
  • longing ((crushes))
  • apathy? or is it fear?
  • zoom recovery meetings...

better than sex

  • freshly caught Chesapeake blue crab cooked in cheap beer and old bay
  • a perfectly cooked egg and some perfectly toasted toast
  • getting a pretty good deal on a Pentax k1000
  • singing a song in harmony with a friend
  • a kiln coming down to room temperature
  • starting a fire in early winter
  • crossing items off to-do lists
  • another day clean

My favourite bird is Andrew Bird

  • Why? (live @ The Guthrie Theatre)
  • Feat. Zach Galifianakis
  • Weather Systems (full album)
  • Tiny Desk
  • Imitosis
  • wasp count: 7
  • hug count: 15
  • hours: 132

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