FUCK allll that. Go to the woods. Climb a mountain. Do whatever you want to do.

better than sex

  • freshly caught Chesapeake blue crab cooked in cheap beer and old bay
  • a perfectly cooked egg and some perfectly toasted toast
  • loading & unloading your own Pentax k1000
  • singing a song in harmony with a friend
  • a kiln coming down to room temperature
  • starting a fire in early winter
  • crossing items off to-do lists
  • settling into a new home
  • floating in the ocean
  • another day clean
  • self care

My favourite bird is Andrew Bird

  • Why? (live @ The Guthrie Theatre)
  • Feat. Zach Galifianakis
  • Weather Systems (full album)
  • Tiny Desk
  • Imitosis