under your nose

... had a dream about my high school eX stalked his tumblr and his instagram made a vague post about him on tumblr wishing him well hope he sees it/hope he doesn't y'know? and now I'm wearing his hat... does he still wear mine? does he think about me when he looks at our tattoo? why did we do that?

  • covid hugs: 15
  • wasps: 7
  • hours: 162
  • gas tanks: 9

better than sex

  • freshly caught Chesapeake blue crab cooked in cheap beer and old bay
  • a perfectly cooked egg and some perfectly toasted toast
  • loading & unloading your own Pentax k1000
  • singing a song in harmony with a friend
  • a kiln coming down to room temperature
  • starting a fire in early winter
  • crossing items off to-do lists
  • settling into a new home
  • floating in the ocean
  • another day clean
  • self care

My favourite bird is Andrew Bird

  • Why? (live @ The Guthrie Theatre)
  • Feat. Zach Galifianakis
  • Weather Systems (full album)
  • Tiny Desk
  • Imitosis

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