Daniel Gális

*one day i will be myself* --- SLEEP LOG *sleep is the underlying rhythm of life. trying to get it back on beat* 24-03-24 / I woke early with someone lovely in my arms. Sleep can be a function of love. Why not. --- SPECIAL AMERICAN REQUEST This summer, I will be coming to the US for the first time, working as a lifeguard in Frederick, MD. I'm looking for suggestions and help on my adventure. If you're familiar with the area, or America in general, please feel free to give me some ideas: - odd city places I should drink coffee in - quiet natural places I should immerse myself in - tips and tricks on surviving in the US - ways of life I should get in touch with - people I should meet - foods I should cook and/or try Any and all suggestions will be hugely appreciated. Contact: danielgalis.com


  • meditation
  • mantra
  • movement
  • cold exposure
  • journaling/planning
  • collecting
  • reading

generally glad to

  • help with web-adjacent projects
  • provide tech support for basically anything
  • go swimming
  • go climbing
  • cook together
  • make music together
  • collaborate by finding the interlinks between our interests

currently interested in (working on)

  • community radio (flus.fm)
  • participative music (purefucking.fun)
  • poetic, political, sustainable, seasonal food (cookbook.care)
  • the sun (are.na/daniel-galis/light-site)

a few songs i like right now

  • John Glacier - Nevasure
  • Bronze Nazareth - Fanta 6
  • Dokkeytino - Pochop Ma
  • DJ Arana - Montagem Phonk Brasileiro
  • John Glacier - TELESCOPE
  • Rafael Garaj - 4
  • D'Angelo - Playa Playa
  • Harto Falión - paranoid_2_outside_the_party
  • Tom Petty - Yer So Bad
  • Milan Lasica - Vyletek vták...
  • The Hirs Collective - We're Still Here
  • DJmegan23 - Shaking My Ass Up In Heaven

trying to get better at

  • djing
  • writing
  • scheduling
  • pricing my work
  • ai-assisted programming
  • considering other people's feelings

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