april 11, 2024: defended my research for comprehensive exam yesterday. went well. now, i need to kill procrastination and make some progress in my research. april 3, 2024: i'm forgetting my hindi. started this channel to collect great hindi words. feel free to pirate or contribute. are.na/harsh/hindustani-hindi-vocab march 26, 2024: eagerly waiting for my vipassana in two months.

Sectors of City: Online

  • Home: https://www.harsh17.in/
  • Underground Fight Club: https://twitter.com/harshbutjust
  • Art District: https://www.are.na/harsh/channels
  • Newspapers: https://hvsc1708.substack.com/

currently busy with

  • procrastinating on writing my dissertation
  • reading more books than ever before
  • watching my breath
  • listening great music
  • biking around knoxville

Knoxville, TN

  • 🚲 sequoia hills park
  • 🚲 tyson park
  • ☕️ old city java

good reads

  • https://www.kevincsnyder.com/the-mexican-fisherman-amazing-short-story/