************************************** * Registered Nurse in Emergency Care * ************************************** .:2020.06.15:. When I sat down on the morning commute to the hospital I thought "I want us to become a society of handwashers". Even though we are battling the corona virus every day at work, we've had practically no cases of regular flu or norovirus (winter vomiting bug). Usually the later is a big problem. Stay well everyone! .:2020.06.13:. Driving across the country today. Back to our current home. Yesterday signed a contract for an apartment in the city we plan to move to. The emotional rollercoaster of looking for a new home is over for this time. Very grateful. .:2020.06.11:. Watermelon for breakfast. Need I say more? --- This place has already linked me up with so many inspiring sites and projects I'm all stressed out! I'm sure that wasn't the point. The realization hits me: I'm not used to this creative and organic side of the interblag, after being marinated in preformatted "social" frameworks for over a decade. It's just TOO much goodiness in a short amount of time. --- Swedish WWF made an initiave where you can watch a live stream from a nesting place of the Sillgrissla, a bird called the Swedish penguin. But it's not just watching, you can also take a snapshot when you see something interesting in the stream, and share with the researchers. They call it Citizen Research. Link: .:2020.06.10:. @mikael made me come here. I don't fully grasp it yet. Feels cute though.

Some tasks

  • [x] Find new home
  • [ ] Land new job @ future city if residence
  • [ ] Support spouse deliver baby
  • [ ] Become parent
  • [ ] Panic about parenthood
  • [ ] Say a reluctant and emotional farewell to current collegues
  • [ ] Celebrate baby arrival and namegiving

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