************************************** * Registered Nurse in Emergency Care * ************************************** * contact eriq [a] mailbox [dot] org * ************************************** * 39 / he / utc+2 / Scandinavia * ************************************** (Last line of top section inspired by @upinthisbrain, who in his turn “borrowed” it from @pirl) .:2020.09.09:. Managed to erase my LinkedIn and It was smooth and straightforward. Took about one minute each. When the turn came to Twitter... Well, that was something else. I had of course forgotten my password, and to reset it I was prompted to enter my phone number for verification. I have no phone number connected with my account. There was a link for those of us who could not comply. I clicked and could after a few more clicks and promises of my humanity create a ticket with their support. I later got a reply stating I would get another email with a link to renew my password. When I opened that email, the link was dead. I have now replied to the first email, eagerly awaiting how this exciting adventure will play out (yawn). <hr> .:2020.08.29:. Thanks for the reply, @s0rta, appreciate it! Right now I'm thinking about web presence. Where have I made tracks? How many accounts do I actually have littered around the www? There's a bunch, for sure. I feel like cleaning up. Even though nothing ever leaves the Internet, I have a sense I would benefit (at least mentally) from the process of actually deleting accounts. Feels a little like clearing clutter. I started yesterday by deleting my main Instagram account (I still have one for connecting purely with colleagues, we'll see what I do with that later on). <hr> .:2020.08.06:. I wanna thank @s0rta for indirectly giving me a tip about, that I found through their profile and read their review. A question for you: did you read it on the web, or did you buy/get an actual copy of it? I'm not so good with reading longer stuff on the web, I prefer e-ink or paper. But in this case, there might be an advantage of reading it online (apart from it being free of charge there). Is there? That's two questions, actually. :) <hr> .:2020.08.05:. I have a baby hanging in a sling tucked on my chest. It's all good. While my partner has breastfeeding as the main trick for calming our litte one, I have this. She almost always calms and falla asleep when curled up in there. Such a relief on those long (stepwise, not in actual distance traveled) circular walks at night. And yes, a shoutout to @upinthisbrain, who surely must be the most consistent updater of their log. Thanks! <hr> .:2020.07.21:. We are back home since 24th of July. Combining the 10 "daddy days"* with my vacation I will now be able to hang out with my partner and our daughter for about five weeks in a row. This feels great, and my partner is also very grateful that we get to explore this new life together for such a long time before I'll start working again. *) In Sweden we get 480 payed days of childcare from the state to share between us. As an added bonus, I as a partner get 10 days payed to be home right after the birth. To get a bit more settled in I presume. It's alright to become a parent in Sweden. :) <hr> .:2020.07.21:. The 18th I became a dad. Unfortunately my daughter had trouble breathing and had to take a "newborn-ambulance" (I'm sure there is a fancy word for it in English) to a larger hospital. I had a total emotional meltdown. But my partner and I could go there later and meet her again, and since then it's all been stabilizing. We're all together now in a ward, and it's fantastic. <hr> .:2020.07.15:. I'm about to have a baby with my partner, and it's just so strange and lovely. The lack of sleep supporting her through this is making my perception of the world wierd. Is this how it will be now, @mikael? <hr> .:2020.06.15:. When I sat down on the morning commute to the hospital I thought "I want us to become a society of handwashers". Even though we are battling the corona virus every day at work, we've had practically no cases of regular flu or norovirus (winter vomiting bug). Usually the later is a big problem. Stay well everyone! <hr> .:2020.06.13:. Driving across the country today. Back to our current home. Yesterday signed a contract for an apartment in the city we plan to move to. The emotional rollercoaster of looking for a new home is over for this time. Very grateful. <hr> .:2020.06.11:. Watermelon for breakfast. Need I say more? --- This place has already linked me up with so many inspiring sites and projects I'm all stressed out! I'm sure that wasn't the point. The realization hits me: I'm not used to this creative and organic side of the interblag, after being marinated in preformatted "social" frameworks for over a decade. It's just TOO much goodiness in a short amount of time. --- Swedish WWF made an initiave where you can watch a live stream from a nesting place of the Sillgrissla, a bird called the Swedish penguin. But it's not just watching, you can also take a snapshot when you see something interesting in the stream, and share with the researchers. They call it Citizen Research. Link: <hr> .:2020.06.10:. @mikael made me come here. I don't fully grasp it yet. Feels cute though.

Web presence

  • [x] Delete main Instagram account
  • [ ] Delete Facebook account?
  • [x] Delete current LinkedIn (and maybe start over)
  • [ ] Delete Twitter account (I'm never there anyway)
  • [ ] Renew "official" website
  • [x] Delete account

Some tasks

  • [x] Find new home
  • [ ] Land new job @ future city if residence
  • [x] Support spouse deliver baby
  • [x] Become parent
  • [x] Panic about parenthood
  • [x] Say a reluctant and emotional farewell to current collegues
  • [ ] Celebrate baby arrival and namegiving
  • [x] Pack our home in boxes
  • [x] Take boxes to new apartment
  • [x] Dive into new, unexplored depths of tiredness



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