05/06/22 Order a postcard from my current location 25/04/22 Anyone who wants to contribute an island to ? 22/03/22 Any fish around CPH? I'd be happy to meet for a walk 21/03/22 I feel the spring. 5/11/21 I made a map 25/04/21 The cloudlord of the domainscape purchased a new domain because it is true 05/04/21 Yesterday I opened an internet café: Hint: click the images to enter. 22/10 Thank you @eriq and @paul for the thoughts. Everything is going very well. We still dream about the Swedish forest, but right now smiles from Uno is more than enough. Hope you are well. 3/9 I've been offline for a while. On 30/07/20 I became a dad. Our boy is called Uno. He is fantastic. See you later. 17/7 Fascinated by sheep. 16/6 I wrote A Short Guide to Internet Fishing aka celebration of 10/6 Yesterday I sent oxygen to @elliott. Hope to keep this site alive. 28/5 I'm escaping the timescape. This is my timestamp. Stamp. Time. Esc. 15/4 It worked. Then it didn't. Another day in my life. 13/4 Days of endless being. 10/4 Yesterday I finished the product for 3/4 I dream of an internet full of gifts. 2/4 The Internet is the most inspiring place. It is insane. Somehow I forgot while scrolling my social feed. 1/4 My brain is full of grass. Wild grass. With flowers.


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Internet Projects I am working on

  • Codename WFC
  • Codename URLPC
  • Codename DDT
  • Codename ToP
  • Codename CLM

Books I loved - 2021

  • Dependency - Tove Ditlevsen
  • Marble - Amalie Smith
  • Long Live the Post Horn - Vigdis Hjort
  • Adorable - Ida Marie Hede

Books I loved - 2019 edition

  • New Dark Age
  • How to do Nothing
  • Energy at the End of the World
  • 1Q84
  • On Earth We Are Briefly Gorgeous
  • The Carrier Bag Theory of Fiction

Books I loved - 2020 edition

  • The Divide
  • Flights
  • Drive Your Plow Over the Bones of the Dead
  • Childhood

Gifts that might never be received

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