<img src="" width="250px"> "Common misconception that; that fun is relaxing. If it is, you’re not doing it right." "And the days are not full enough And the nights are not full enough And life slips by like a field mouse Not shaking the grass." <big><i>CARPE DIEM</i></big> Oct2021 update, hai: im crushing my math class, dont feel so unsure about being a stem major. have always had this lack of surety about it, growing up being so strong in language... plus the "math is for smart people" meme seems to have gotten me, despite my self-image as an intelligent person. to be good at math finally feels crazy! getting back into design ish... i feel like i will be fucked if i don't head into my third year with a portfolio of everything i possibly know. i am not so lucky as to have cushy years at an ivy league to become myself peacefully getting into dancerush stardom. going to learn2shuffle and become a tiktok dance girl. lol

  • writer, 太極, child, life-lover, bad buddhist
  • runner, technologist, american, pretension pro
  • student, personality theorist, average enjoyer
  • entp 3w4 sp/sx ile (this is a cry for help <3)

intentions 2021

  • "what am i doing today?" in planner
  • dance rhythm games ✔
  • camera
  • building wiki
  • reading manufacturing consent
  • reaching!!!! out!!!!!
  • learn to read and write again
  • eating healthy
  • blonde hair ✔

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