northern VA

21 :-) ☯ i like design, personality theory, worldbuilding, and being alive <big>2021</big> <b>january</b> drinking w/ aaron and mike. slowly organizing my spotify. took two weeks off because of mysterious non-covid anime illness, so had a paycheck that was only my bonus (gross). late anniversary lunch at carrabba's. waffle at sweet berry. big snow. <b>february</b> high hopes for this month. learning lots about pkm tools. eva rewatch w/ aaron and mike ("wow she's just like me!" meme me looking at misato). lots of snow. hacker news. chameleon's <a href="">wiki</a> (<a href="">and</a> <a href="">lots</a> <a href="">of</a> <a href="">others</a>). going to the block + mosaic district trying to make up for our lazy valentine's day. brute forcing emacs daily driver is NOT WORKING. ava's <a href="">substack</a>, which might be all i need right now. <b>march</b> <big>thoughts</big> there are so many beautiful things and interesting people in the world! working on wiki... development easy... design hard... wish i could just skip straight to the coding playlist (thinking of that drive to dc... and that one tumblr bg i had way back when... purity ring and little dragon...)

this year

  • dance rhythm games
  • "what am i doing today?" in planner
  • blonde hair
  • building wiki
  • reading manufacturing consent
  • reaching!!!! out!!!!!

last year

  • taco bell had good menu items
  • miu miu x eri wakayama
  • tropical smoothie café
  • rainy drive to dc
  • airpods
  • dorohedoro
  • skhug
  • beach with the loml
  • endless jimmy john's
  • contacts
  • a covid hug
  • melon milkis

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