09.01.2023 h. 17.03 dark afternoon, very windy β—― elusive landscapes I wish that those who take me for granite would once in a while treat me like mud. – Ursula K. Le Guin (from Landscapes of Retreat, 2022) Landscape holds meaning and in this sense, landscape shares a common ambiguity with other slippery terms like nature and art. Landscape is experienced: it is more a feeling of place rather than it is an object or set of objects. That feeling is relational, a host of relations in relation. Landscape is nature influenced and rearranged by many agents, including humans (...). In a time of planetary and political extremes, landscape is the opportunity to inhabit otherwise. from Rosetta S. Elkin, Landscapes of Retreat, 2022 02.11.2022 h. 08.56 right before breakfast, with some coffee on the table writing from Switzerland, β—― Comp(h)osting Words I am thinking of these days, concepts I am learning or I encounter through my readings: critical spatial practice (Jane Rendell), comp(h)osting (I have to write something about this – it feels meaningful), hosting, critical care (Elke Krasny), hospitality, boundaries, commitment. 04.09.2022 h. 12.03 right with the bell ringing β—― Undisciplined "Undiscipline practice is too busy with proliferating sensibilities, issues, demands, requests, complains, entanglements, methods, and questions to bother with the inherent etiquette of disciplinarity. It insists on a mode of thinking and making that is situated and ad.hoc. It is anti-solutionist and motivated by the need for rigorous uncalibrtion and disobedient action research." from Femke Snelting in "Making Matters" by Janneke Wasseling and Florian Cramer (eds.) 22.07.2022 h 13.11 before lunch β—― violent death El critoleo del corpo fracassao – LitΓ nie a la memoria de Pier Paolo Pasolini, Biagio Marin beautiful title, eng. "the crunch of the smashed body" 26.06.2022 h 22.03 almost going to bed β—― love and desire "Hannah Arendt, while delivering a lecture to college students, allegedly asked them about the difference between love and desire. She then answered her own question: if you desire strawberries, you eat them. If you love strawberries, you grow them yourself." from e-flux journal #128 editorial 26.06.2022 h 21.54 back from the meeting Ecologies of Curating β—― manner of telling "to incorporate in the manner of telling a sense of place, of not only who I am in the present but where I am coming from, the multiple voices within me." bell hooks, Choosing the Margins, 1989 notes: curating β†’ taking care of relationships, spaces, herstories (Alessandra Pomarico) practices of regeneration, awareness (what is regenerative?) we need to be modest and tender re-acting vs acting repair, maintenance, healing β†’ to heal what from what? curating β†’ care but also cure care as violence scale wounded planed fear of periphery manner of telling listening healing destabilizing * is this a tactical vocabulary, a prospective project for interventions? or just mapping? Is care always intentional? 19.06.2022 h 15.00 just finished to read Il paesaggio Γ¨ un mostro by Annalisa metta β—― lotta "La parola singola agisce solo quando ne incontra una seconda che la provoca, la costringe a uscire dai binari dell'abitudine, a scoprirsi nuove capacitΓ  di significare. Non c'Γ¨ vita, dove non c'Γ¨ lotta." Gianni Rodari, Grammatica della fantasia, 1973

words to write definitions of

  • fear of periphery
  • relaxed and disciplined
  • useless care
  • vernacularity as practice of dwelling
  • location
  • rural epistemologies
  • unexpected
  • topophilia
  • continuity
  • comp(h)osting
  • elusive landscapes

book list (from June 2022 on)

  • Annalisa Metta – Il paesaggio Γ¨ un mostro β€’
  • Janneke Wasseling & Floria Cramer (eds.) – Making Matters, A Vocabulary for Collective Arts β€’
  • Markus Bader, George Kafka, Tatjana Schneider, Rosario Talevi (eds.) – Making Futures β€’
  • Ana Paula Pais & Carolyn F. Strauss (eds.) – Slow Reader β€’
  • Carolyn F. Strauss (eds.) – Slow Spatial Reader β€’
  • Silvia Federici – Beyond the Periphery of the Skin β€’
  • Jane Rendell – Site-writing: The Architecture of Art Criticism β€’
  • Silvia Federici – Reincantare il mondo: Femminismo e politica dei commons β—‹
  • SreΔ‡ko Horvat – Radicality of Love β€’
  • Jane Rendell – Art and Architecture: A place between β€’

book list (from January 2023 on)

  • Caitlin DeSilvey – Curated Decay β€’
  • Andreas Malm – How to blow up a pipeline β€’
  • Anna L. Tsing – The Mushroom at the End of the World β—‹
  • bell hooks – All About Love
  • Silvia Federici – Il calibano e la strega

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