02.11.2022 h. 08.56 right before breakfast, with some coffee on the table writing fro Switzerland, ◯ Comp(h)osting Words I am thinking of these days, concepts I am learning or I encounter through my readings: critical spatial practice (Jane Rendell), comp(h)osting (I have to write something about this – it feels meaningful), hosting, critical care (Elke Krasny), hospitality, boundaries, commitment. 04.09.2022 h. 12.03 right with the bell ringing ◯ Undisciplined "Undiscipline practice is too busy with proliferating sensibilities, issues, demands, requests, complains, entanglements, methods, and questions to bother with the inherent etiquette of disciplinarity. It insists on a mode of thinking and making that is situated and ad.hoc. It is anti-solutionist and motivated by the need for rigorous uncalibrtion and disobedient action research." from Femke Snelting in "Making Matters" by Janneke Wasseling and Florian Cramer (eds.) 22.07.2022 h 13.11 before lunch ◯ violent death El critoleo del corpo fracassao – Litànie a la memoria de Pier Paolo Pasolini, Biagio Marin beautiful title, eng. "the crunch of the smashed body" 26.06.2022 h 22.03 almost going to bed ◯ love and desire "Hannah Arendt, while delivering a lecture to college students, allegedly asked them about the difference between love and desire. She then answered her own question: if you desire strawberries, you eat them. If you love strawberries, you grow them yourself." from e-flux journal #128 editorial 26.06.2022 h 21.54 back from the meeting Ecologies of Curating ◯ manner of telling "to incorporate in the manner of telling a sense of place, of not only who I am in the present but where I am coming from, the multiple voices within me." bell hooks, Choosing the Margins, 1989 notes: curating → taking care of relationships, spaces, herstories (Alessandra Pomarico) practices of regeneration, awareness (what is regenerative?) we need to be modest and tender re-acting vs acting repair, maintenance, healing → to heal what from what? curating → care but also cure care as violence scale wounded planed fear of periphery manner of telling listening healing destabilizing * is this a tactical vocabulary, a prospective project for interventions? or just mapping? Is care always intentional? 19.06.2022 h 15.00 just finished to read Il paesaggio è un mostro by Annalisa metta ◯ lotta "La parola singola agisce solo quando ne incontra una seconda che la provoca, la costringe a uscire dai binari dell'abitudine, a scoprirsi nuove capacità di significare. Non c'è vita, dove non c'è lotta." Gianni Rodari, Grammatica della fantasia, 1973

words to write definitions of

  • fear of periphery • written in Robida 8
  • relaxed and disciplined (check Matej Bor) • written in Robida 8
  • useless care • written in Robida 8
  • vernacularity as practice of dwelling • written in Robida 8
  • location
  • rural epistemologies
  • unexpected
  • topophilia
  • continuity
  • comp(h)osting

book list (from June 2022 on)

  • Annalisa Metta – Il paesaggio è un mostro •
  • Janneke Wasseling & Floria Cramer (eds.) – Making Matters, A Vocabulary for Collective Arts •
  • Markus Bader, George Kafka, Tatjana Schneider, Rosario Talevi (eds.) – Making Futures •
  • Ana Paula Pais & Carolyn F. Strauss (eds.) – Slow Reader •
  • Carolyn F. Strauss (eds.) – Slow Spatial Reader •
  • Silvia Federici – Beyond the Periphery of the Skin •
  • Jane Rendell – Site-writing: The Architecture of Art Criticism •
  • Silvia Federici – Reincantare il mondo: Femminismo e politica dei commons ○
  • Srećko Horvat – Radicality of Love •
  • Jane Rendell – Art and Architecture: A place between ○

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