May 15 - i forgot about this. I feel like everybody knows how to code and im feeling fomo. I never even learned html. Did anybody actually learn or we all just copy from generators? May 6 - Something that says a lot about my character is the ridiculous amount of 'for dummies' books i have. A few interesting titles that speak loudly about the state of my mind are: Astronomy for Dummies (which i said i was going to study, i'm not joking alright?), Trading for Dummies, Creative Writing for Dummies, and Sewing for Dummies. Also: i think i just unfuck my life in just an afternoon ?????? i'll let you know later. May 3 - this should have a small comment section or something. How can i let people know that i love their web???? May 2 - god, today's sunny! I feel alive, i feel like i can do things and life is great! I decided to self-study astronomy, just because when i was younger they told me i couldn't. I won't become an astronomer but hey, little Ana will be happy with the outcome either way, April 30 - Winter is awful. All i do is sleep, eat, blink a couple times and the day is done. Also, i want to tattoo in my brain this poem by Marge Piercy April 24 - i like this corner of the internet. No marketing, no brands, no corporate and constant "please take a look at my cv and hire me please". Nothing wrong with that, but it is what i see on the streets, in the office, with my friends, and in myself. In this corner of the internet there is mostly people giving you 1 link, and it is a 90's themed web filled with poetry or illustrations. I like it. Let me read all your poems. April 23 - today life feels too big, and i feel too Uncapable. Update: i had a green tea and now life feels doable. Also, i had to hire an accountant. I feel like an adult.

Thinking about

  • Studying again? Maybe? Something different?
  • Introducing veggies in my diet
  • Ways to fight seasonal depression
  • Life is too vast and open for us to be mind-caged

Currently writing

  • This
  • Something about some beaches in california
  • A guide for outsourcing work and whatever
  • A ghost story (it's in its bare bones)

Projects I started but didn't finish or failed

  • A plataform game on godot
  • A travel blog
  • An interior design blog
  • Making lofis
  • Selling altered classical art pieces
  • A bunch of poems and short stories - too many to count
  • A zine
  • Data science class
  • College lol - half sociology degree
  • Learning to ride the bike. I know, i know. I can go straight, but i cannot turn.