2021.10.01 I'm still here and I moved to Canada. 2020.10.08 Thanks for linking sundaysites.cafe @chizra - that looks awesome! Excited to participate. 2020.09.30 I have created a website on a Raspberry Pi in my bedroom: http://pi.justus.ws 2020.09.18 I can't have been that rested and awake on my last entry, because somehow I postdated it days in the future. Or maybe I was so awake I was living in the future. Wow @jisu your website is amazing! 2020.09.20 [Rested! Awake] Today I am wearing a baby blue suede shirt jacket. And I'm still wearing the wool knee socks. I'll have to take them off to wash them eventually. 2020.09.15 [Tired] Today I am wearing wool socks that go my knees. Yesterday I made my first sketch in 11 years! @s0rta Don't be discouraged, plants can be fickle. Have you tried Jade plants? They're one of my favorites and have such a will to live. Here's a picture of a tiny jade plant growing out of a broken-off leaf: https://share.icloud.com/photos/0Agop_JYSjvYum6d7lPavOAhA I'd be happy to mail you a cutting. It would probably survive shipping. Email me: jg@justus.ws 2020.09.14 [Tired, brain like a shriveled fig] I like @catpurrson 's descriptions of what fruit their brain feels like every day. 2020.09.13 I wish everyone knew how to make websites. It was easy to rag on the angstyness of Myspace, to deride the blinking marquees and background music, but people learned HTML just to be able to express themselves the way they wanted to! Instagram isn't teaching anyone HTML. What changed? How can we get back to that place? How do we get 14-year-olds writing HTML again? 2020.09.12 Yesterday was still a success because I kept my distractions mostly under control, instead of doing the other things I went and hung out with friends instead which was really nice and needed, and my landlady brought me a homemade chicken pot pie for dinner. Today working on getting Webmentions working on my site. It's challenging. I was walking with Tawny down a gravel street near my house, and an old man in the road told me about the time his puppy was trapped under a trailer being attacked by a big gray dog. The man grabbed the other dog by one of its hind legs to yank it out from under the trailer and discovered it wasn't a dog, it was a big timber wolf. The man ran back to his house and grabbed his splitting maul and whacked the wolf on the head, "just hard enough to try and scare it off," but accidentally killed it instead. Welcome back @blueskunk Wish I wasn't feeling so anxious right now. 2020.09.11 Today will be a success if I: ☑️ Minimize distractions during work ⬜️ Trim Tawny's nails ☑️ Go to the dump ⬜️ Do some cleaning ⬜️ Make dinner 2020.09.10 Back to special.fish after a long time away, and wow, there are new things! @elliott, this ability to mention and link between logs to facilitate ongoing sprawling communication is wonderful. Maybe a game changer for the space? It reminds me of the communication experiment between @kicks and h0p3 (https://philosopher.life/) where they wrote messages back and forth to each other on their own respective websites. It makes you step out of your own silo and in to the other person's world to read their reply...but also doesn't demand that the other person reads your message at all. @heidi_lou Most of the time I wear contacts but every now and then I wear glasses for a few days and when I switch back to contacts someone will say, "Oh, when did you get contacts?" 2020.09.09 I just signed up for the Digital Homesteading course at https://hyperlink.academy. Super excited to meet and create with other folks passionate about personal websites, and curious what the experience will be like!

listening to

  • radiohead - amnesiac

if you <3 special.fish...

  • ...support Elliott Cost on Patreon! https://www.patreon.com/user?u=32234976

planning my battle against distraction/anxiety

  • delete apps: reddit, instagram
  • deactivate fb
  • check email twice per day
  • check special.fish twice per day
  • pomodoro for work
  • mindful walks without media

things i'm exploring

  • software-defined radio: https://www.justus.ws/tech/sdr-adventures-in-shortwave/

things i'm doing

  • aprendo español en duolingo (154 day streak!)
  • emigrating to canada
  • collecting personal websites: email me yours! jg@justus.ws

things i've done

  • made a virtual tour of my houseplants: https://justus.ws/misc/plant-tour
  • built a website on a Raspberry Pi: http://pi.justus.ws
  • migrated my personal site to github pages: https://www.justus.ws/tech/deploying-eleventy-to-github-pages/

things i've found

  • really cool online school: https://hyperlink.academy/
  • the personal site of the creator of special fish. a lot of neat stuff: https://elliott.computer/
  • like exploring another world: https://www.jesshirsch.com/
  • wow: https://everest-pipkin.com


  • https://www.justus.ws/misc/photos-from-walks/20200906.jpg