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Oh wow! You made it here! Welcome to this corner of the internet. Thank you for exploring. I'm currently at the airport and I'm in a rush so I haven't put too much time into thinking this out. Will add more later, so come back if you like! Authenticity is beautiful, and it's what I hope to find here, in digital proxmity with everyone. This is a cool school. Fin 🐟


  • https://open.spotify.com/track/1zxQtVamp0luXT3kBaNorh?si=OMb90NGcTcKnWjNs7ziAvA
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  • https://soundcloud.com/tealprocess


  • Understanding Arguments: An Introduction to Informal Logic, Walter Sinnott-Armstrong


  • https://tealprocess.net/
  • https://www.are.na/yatu
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