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March 22.2020 I think I am going to lose my job because of this economy. But! I am trying to be optimistic! So for now, I will be doing my best to be in very positive spaces, virtually and physically. If anyone has good energy and thoughts, please spread them this way. In the flavor of welcoming recipocation, Yatu --- Feb 27th I’m writing and updating this again when I’m at an airport. Maybe this can be my airport log. Who knows. As of now, I’m flying from Boston to New York. This weekend I should be receiving the keys to my new home. I’m moving to Brooklyn! If you ever want to meet reach out! Yatusabae@gmail.com But I’m more responsive on are.na/yatu or Twitter.com/thecpe or instagram.com/thecpe Say hello please, here to make friends! — Today is an exciting day 🌻 -- Oh wow! You made it here! Welcome to this corner of the internet. Thank you for exploring. I'm currently at the airport and I'm in a rush so I haven't put too much time into thinking this out. Will add more later, so come back if you like! Authenticity is beautiful, and it's what I hope to find here, in digital proxmity with everyone. This is a cool school. Fin 🐟


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  • Understanding Arguments: An Introduction to Informal Logic, Walter Sinnott-Armstrong


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